Talcher Thermal Power Station

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Talcher Thermal Power Station
Talcher-thermal 0.jpg
Location of the Talcher Thermal Power Station
LocationTalcher, Angul district
Coordinates20°54′37″N 85°12′24″E / 20.91028°N 85.20667°E / 20.91028; 85.20667Coordinates: 20°54′37″N 85°12′24″E / 20.91028°N 85.20667°E / 20.91028; 85.20667
Commission dateFebruary 1968
Thermal power station
Primary fuelCoal
Power generation
Units operational4 × 60 MW
2 × 110 MW
Nameplate capacity460 MW

Talcher Thermal Power station is located in Talcher sub-division of Angul district in the Indian state of Odisha Pin.759101. The power plant is one of the coal-based plants of NTPC. The coal for the power plant is sourced from Jagannath Mines of Mahanadi Coalfields Limited. Source of water for the plant is from Brahmani River. This power plant has been ranked among the best power plants in the country despite being the oldest plant in the state. It has consistently topped the charts in NTPC for the last 4 years and was also the nation's top power plant (by PLF) in 2015-16.[1] On 23 November 2016, TTPS achieved the highest ever power generation among all the power plants in the country in a single day at 104.13% PLF.[2][3]


  • 4 units of 60 MW each
  • 2 units of 110 MW of each

The total capacity is 460 MW.

This power plant was taken over by NTPC from Odisha State Electricity Board on 3 June 1995.


NTPC TTPS ( as the power plant is abbreviated ) remains one of the best performing power plants in the entire country. For the last few years it has almost constantly topped the charts of NTPC in terms of PLF( Power Load Factor) of electricity generation. It has even held the first position in the country for considerable intervals numerous times. Despite being an old take-over plant (to enter its 50th year of operation in February 2017), its performance leaves newer plants of both NTPC and private sector behind. The power plant officials attribute this consistency to the work culture of the township including a sense of ownership in the plant. The transformation from about 20-30% PLF during its take-over in 1995 to an average of 92-95% PLF as of 2016 has baffled experts throughout the country and foreign alike. A book is in the process of being written to chronicle the events which led to this metamorphosis.


The expansion of TTPS has been in talks from 2013. The plant has already been renovated once to increase its "lifetime" from 2002 to 2023.But instead of further renovation, the state government and NTPC management are looking to install two units of 660 MW each adding a total of 1320 MW to the plant. The combined capacity of plant after the expansion is to be 1780 MW. Although coal linkage and land acquisition process haven't been smooth due to the simultaneous expansion plans of NTPC Kaniha which is in close vicinity with the TTPS plant, the work is expected to start by late 2017.


NTPC TTPS maintains a township of about 350 acres. The township authorities have taken specific care to keep it clean, green and well maintained. It has been asserted to be one of the most environment friendly townships in the state, despite the fact that it houses a coal-based power plant. The colony is well planned and has about 1200 houses, categorized to different types. The residence for the HOP (Head of the Project) is separate from these types.

There is a special guest house for accommodating the company guests ("Purvasha"), a multipurpose recreational center, a sports complex ("Shakti" Stadium), a modern medical facility ( "Ashalok" Hospital ), an executive club ("Spectrum" Club) and an open-air theatre.

Besides it has 4 schools in the campus. Namely :

  • D.A.V. Public School. (From Std 1 to +2 levels, English medium).
  • D.A.V. Talcher Thermal High School. (From Std 1 to Std 10, Odia medium)
  • D.A.V. Senior Secondary School.(+2 levels, Odia medium)
  • Little Angels' Nursery School.

It has its own railway station and is well connected to 3 other important stations in close vicinity: Talcher Road, Angul and Talcher Stations.

Talcher Thermal Executive Association (TTEA)[edit]

The Talcher Thermal Executive Association is a welfare body of all the executives working in Talcher Thermal Power Station. It is affiliated to NTPC Executive Federation of India (NEFI). NEFI is a federation of all the executive associations from various projects of NTPC Ltd. The present office bearers of TTEA are President D. Mahanta and the General Secretary K.P. Rath.

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