Taldyk Pass

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Taldyk Pass
Талдык ашуусу
Taldyk pass (3600 m).jpg
View from Taldyk Pass to the north
Elevation3,615 m (11,860 ft)
Traversed byE007, M41
RangeAlay Mountains
Coordinates39°45′54″N 73°10′06″E / 39.76512°N 73.168338°E / 39.76512; 73.168338Coordinates: 39°45′54″N 73°10′06″E / 39.76512°N 73.168338°E / 39.76512; 73.168338
Taldyk Pass is located in Kyrgyzstan
Taldyk Pass
Monument to Yuri Grushko

Taldyk Pass is an all year round pass in the Alay Mountains of Osh Region of Kyrgyzstan. The road from Osh to Khorugh (eastern Tajikistan) was built through the pass in 1930-1932. There is a monument to the memory of the construction manager Yuri M.Grushko located at the pass.[1] The pass is traversed by European route E007 and route M41.


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