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Talentless Nana
Talentless Nana volume 1 cover.jpg
Cover of the first tankōbon volume, featuring Nana Hiiragi
(Munō na Nana)
GenrePsychological thriller, suspense[1][2]
Written byLooseboy
Illustrated byIori Furuya
Published bySquare Enix
English publisherCrunchyroll (digital)
MagazineMonthly Shōnen Gangan
Original runMay 12, 2016 – present
Volumes10 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed byShinji Ishihira
Written byFumihiko Shimo
Music byYasuharu Takanashi (Team-MAX)
Licensed byCrunchyroll
Original networkAT-X, Tokyo MX, SUN, TVA
Original run October 4, 2020 December 27, 2020
Episodes13 (List of episodes)

Talentless Nana (Japanese: 無能なナナ, Hepburn: Munō na Nana) is a Japanese manga series written by Looseboy and illustrated by Iori Furuya. It has been serialized in Square Enix's shōnen manga magazine Monthly Shōnen Gangan since May 2016 and has been collected in ten tankōbon volumes. The manga is published digitally in North America by Crunchyroll. An anime television series adaptation by Bridge aired from October to December 2020.


In the near future, mysterious monsters known as the "Enemies of Humanity" begin to appear, and with it so do children with supernatural powers called the "Talented". To prepare them for the upcoming battle against these Enemies, all the Talented are sent to a school located on a deserted island, where they have all their daily needs provided for until they graduate and communication with the outside world is forbidden. One day, a new student named Nana Hiiragi arrives at the school. Her friendly and cheerful personality lets her quickly make friends with the class. In reality, however, Nana is a Talentless government assassin who has been dispatched to kill the Talented, whom the government deems to be the true Enemies of Humanity.


Nana Hiiragi (柊 ナナ, Hiiragi Nana)
Voiced by: Rumi Okubo[3] (Japanese); Michelle Marie[4] (English)
One of the newest students on the island. She claims to have the talent of mind-reading and possesses a very affable and extroverted personality that lets her make friends easily. In reality, she is a Talentless assassin sent by the government to quietly eliminate all of her classmates. Nana's true persona is one that is incredibly skilled, intelligent, and observant, utilizing deductive reasoning and social engineering techniques to maintain her facade and evade suspicion.
Nanao Nakajima (中島 ナナオ, Nakajima Nanao)
Voiced by: Hiro Shimono,[3] Mai Nakahara[5] (young) (Japanese); Caleb Yen,[4] Emi Lo[6] (young) (English)
A timid boy from a wealthy family who feels pressured by his father to become a leader wherever he goes. At first, he is seen as a Talentless student and the initial protagonist, but later reveals his talent is the ability to cancel out the effects of other talents by touching them.
Kyōya Onodera (小野寺 キョウヤ, Onodera Kyōya)
Voiced by: Yūichi Nakamura[3] (Japanese); Stephen Fu[4] (English)
A mysterious transfer student who arrived in school the same time as Nana, with the talent of immortality. Although he has an overbearing demeanor and prefers to keep to himself, he wishes to make friends and is a bit of an otaku. Like Nana, he is extremely observant and quick to uptake, but his deductive skills fall a step behind hers. He begins suspecting her involvement in the students' deaths and investigating the truth behind the Enemies of Humanity after his younger sister arrived at the same island and disappeared five years prior.
Michiru Inukai (犬飼 ミチル, Inukai Michiru)
Voiced by: Mai Nakahara[7] (Japanese); Emi Lo[4] (English)
A kind girl whom Nana often thinks resembles a puppy. She has the talent to heal others by licking their wounds, but cannot cure illnesses and the drawback of her talent is that it shortens her lifespan quickly. Her naive nature leads her to trust Nana wholeheartedly.
Yōhei Shibusawa (渋沢 ヨウヘイ, Shibusawa Yōhei)
Voiced by: Toshiki Masuda[7] (Japanese); Alan Lee[8] (English)
An arrogant and perfectionistic student who cares deeply about propriety and dreams of using his talent to change history. He can travel up to 24 hours into the past from a certain spot, although its drawback is that he can only do so if he is not perceived by others, at which point he teleports back into the present. In addition, the longer the jump back in time he makes, the more energy he uses.
Moguo Iijima (飯島 モグオ, Iijima Moguo)
Voiced by: Takuya Nakashima[7] (Japanese); Jordan Dash Cruz[4] (English)
The class bully with the talent of pyrokinesis. Despite being loud, aggressive and self-centered, he worries for his henchmen and fellow classmates.
Moguo's henchman A (子分A, Kobun A)
Voiced by: Yūki Inoue[7]
A student who is one of Moguo's henchmen.
Moguo's henchman B (子分B, Kobun B)
Voiced by: Takeo Ōtsuka[7]
A student who is one of Moguo's henchmen.
Rentarō Tsurumigawa (鶴見川 レンタロウ, Tsurumigawa Rentarō)
Voiced by: Yoshitaka Yamaya[7] (Japanese); Lucien Dodge[4] (English)
A student who is one of Moguo's henchmen. He has the talent to have out-of-body experiences, with his spirit freely able to detach itself from his body and interact with objects, although this leaves his body defenseless.
Seiya Kori (郡 セイヤ, Kori Seiya)
Voiced by: Hiromichi Tezuka[7] (Japanese); Phillip Reich[4] (English)
A flamboyant and flirty student with the talent of cryokinesis.
Kirara Habu (羽生 キララ, Habu Kirara)
Voiced by: Yukina Tsutsumi[7] (Japanese); Courtney Lin[4] (English)
A gyaru who likes to bully Michiru. She is Kaori's best friend and her talent gives her poisonous saliva, although she must consume frogs and snakes regularly to maintain this.
Kaori Takanashi (高梨 カオリ, Takanashi Kaori)
Voiced by: Yurie Kozakai[7] (Japanese); Heather Gonzalez[4] (English)
A gyaru who likes to bully Michiru. She is Kirara's best friend and her talent allows her to teleport within a certain distance.
Tsunekichi Hatadaira (葉多平 ツネキチ, Hatadaira Tsunekichi)
Voiced by: Atsushi Tamaru[7]
A laid-back and perverted student who can project his prophetic visions while he is sleeping via a normal camera.
Yūka Sasaki (佐々木 ユウカ, Sasaki Yūka)
Voiced by: Miyu Tomita[7] (Japanese); Rachelle Heger[9] (English)
A friendly and tomboyish girl who claims to have the talent of super strength. She and Shinji are inseparable childhood friends who appear to be dating.
Shinji Kazama (風間 シンジ, Kazama Shinji)
Voiced by: Aiko Ninomiya[7] (Japanese); Kai Jordan[10] (English)
A pale and brusque boy who has the talent of necromancy. He and Yūka are inseparable childhood friends who appear to be dating.
Ryūji Ishii (石井 リュウジ, Ishii Ryūji)
Voiced by: Tomohiro Ono[7]
A good-natured and popular student who is Fūko's boyfriend.
Fūko Sorano (空野 フウコ, Sorano Fūko)
Voiced by: Yuna Kamakura[7]
A mild-mannered girl who is Ryūji's girlfriend. She has the talent to manipulate air currents and control air pressure, including using wind as razor-sharp blades, but can only do so in a well-ventilated area.
Homeroom teacher (担任教師, Tannin Kyōshi)
Voiced by: Atsushi Kousaka[7] (Japanese); Marc Swint[4] (English)
He is the homeroom teacher of the students. Despite being a teacher, he is virtually clueless of the government's actions.
Jin Tachibana (橘 ジン, Tachibana Jin)
Voiced by: Kōji Yusa[7] (Japanese); Jonah Scott[11] (English)
A powerful Talented who is a former student at the island. His talent allows him to transform into any living creature and even use their talents, provided his transformation is not seen by other people.



Talentless Nana is written by Looseboy and illustrated by Iori Furuya. The series began serialization in Square Enix's shōnen manga magazine Monthly Shōnen Gangan on May 12, 2016.[12] As of October 2022, it has been collected in ten tankōbon volumes.[13] The series is published digitally in North America by Crunchyroll.[14]

Volume list[edit]

No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN
1 February 22, 2017[15]978-4-75-755153-4
2 May 22, 2017[16]978-4-75-755345-3
3 January 22, 2018[17]978-4-75-755586-0
4 October 22, 2018[18]978-4-75-755873-1
5 July 12, 2019[19]978-4-75-756193-9
6 April 11, 2020[20]978-4-75-756588-3
7 October 12, 2020[21]978-4-75-756894-5
8 June 11, 2021[22]978-4-75-757315-4
9 February 12, 2022[23]978-4-75-757738-1
10 October 12, 2022[24]978-4-75-758196-8


An anime television series adaptation was announced on April 7, 2020.[25] The series was animated by Bridge and directed by Shinji Ishihira, with Fumihiko Shimo handling series composition, Satohiko Sano designing the characters, and Yasuharu Takanashi composing the music at Nippon Columbia.[3][26] The opening theme, "Broken Sky", is performed by Miyu Tomita, while the ending theme, "Bakemono to Yobarete" (バケモノと呼ばれて, "Known as a Monster"), is performed by Chiai Fujikawa.[3] The series aired from October 4 to December 27, 2020 on AT-X, Tokyo MX, SUN, and TVA.[3][27] Muse Communication licensed the anime and they streamed it in Southeast Asia and South Asia.[28]

Funimation acquired the series and streamed it on its website in North America and the British Isles.[29] On November 20, 2021, Funimation announced the series would receive an English dub, which premiered the following day.[4] Following Sony's acquisition of Crunchyroll, the series was moved to Crunchyroll.[30]

Episode list[edit]

No.Title [31][a]Directed by [31]Written by [31]Original air date
Transcription: "Munōryoku" (Japanese: 無能力)
Yūshi SuzukiFumihiko ShimoOctober 4, 2020 (2020-10-04)[32]
Talentless student Nanao Nakajima deals with bullies in his class when two new students arrive: a terse boy named Kyōya Onodera, and an upbeat girl named Nana Hiiragi with the talent of reading minds. Nana tries to become friendly with Nanao, and even pushes him to run for Class President. Nana continues following Nanao around campus sharing information about her mind-reading talent. The next day, Moguo Iijima and Seiya Kori spar over the Class President position. Seiya wins, but Moguo throws a giant fireball in anger. Nanao leaps into action to save Nana from the fireball, and reveals his talent: the power to cancel other talents. Afterwards, having won Class President himself, Nana offers to let him test his power on her by holding her hand. As he does, Nana throws him off the cliff. While he hangs by a rope, Nana reveals to Nanao that she is actually Talentless, and that she is killing him before he leads the other Talented to become the true Enemies of Humanity. As Nanao loses his grip and falls away, Nana receives a text message claiming she has saved one million people from dying from a future enemy commander.
2"Time Traveler"
Transcription: "Jikan Sokō" (Japanese: 時間遡行)
Tomoya TakayamaShōji YonemuraOctober 11, 2020 (2020-10-11)[33]
A government committee reflects on Talented people upending the normal order of human society. The government tried to counter this threat with units of Talented individuals under their military's command, but those Talented soon turned on their masters as well. Talentless humans eventually managed to restore order, but at a heavy cost. In the present, the class notices Nanao's disappearance while Seiya freezes an entire lake. While Nana tries to gain more information on Seiya's talent, she finds another classmate, Yōhei Shibusawa, breaking up a fight with Moguo using a time travel talent. At lunch, she finds out more about Yōhei's talent: that he can only travel backwards in time to a certain extent. Suddenly, the two are interrupted by a suspicious Kyōya, as Nana tries to avoid implicating herself. Later, Nana gets Yōhei to demonstrate the limits of his talent, and her past self spots Yōhei before she carries out her assassination of Nanao. Late at night, Nana lures Yōhei to a spot where she claimed to see Nanao being eaten by an Enemy of Humanity. As he travels back about 24 hours in time, Yōhei ends up trapped in the river that Seiya froze previously that morning.
3"Talented vs. Talentless"
Transcription: "Nōryoku-sha Bāsasu Munōryoku-sha" (Japanese: 能力者VS. 無能力者)
Hiroshi AkiyamaFumihiko ShimoOctober 18, 2020 (2020-10-18)[34]
Kyōya investigates the cliff where Nanao was last seen. Meanwhile, in the classroom, Nana, Moguo, and Seiya are having a conversation when Kyōya shows up. During lunchtime, Nana follows Kyōya to the janitor's shed where she finds out that he feeds a cat. Afterwards, they meet up in the hallway and he invites her to his room. There, he reveals that he came to the island because his younger sister is missing. He also reveals that he found Nanao's watch during his investigation. He then takes her to the cliff to warn her about what is going on. That night, Nana reminisces about the things she noticed in Kyōya's room and decides to set up a trap. The next day, while they are alone, Nana mentions the cat. Later, when Kyōya attempts to feed the cat, the janitor's shed explodes. Nana reveals that she saturated it with gas based on her observation that Kyōya could not smell. When Nana tries to leaves, Kyōya reveals that he survived thanks to his immortality.
Transcription: "Hīringu" (Japanese: ヒーリング)
Shin'ichi FukumotoFumihiko ShimoOctober 25, 2020 (2020-10-25)[35]
In the classroom, Kyōya discusses what happened to him in the janitor's shed. Meanwhile, Kirara Habu and Kaori Takanashi announce to the class that Michiru Inukai has received a love letter. Michiru then notices a scrape on Nana's leg and she uses her talent to heal her. After school, Michiru is waiting outside for her secret admirer when Nana shows up, revealing that the love letter was a prank by Kirara and Kaori. Later that night, Nana attempts to leave when she realizes that Kyōya is guarding her door. Sneaking out, she heads to Michiru's room where she stabs herself in order to throw off Kyōya's suspicion. The next day, Nana successfully fabricates a story about being attacked. As such, she is appointed the leader of the class. Later, Nana asks Michiru to gather information about everyone's talents. When Nana heads to the dormitory, she is approached by Tsunekichi Hatadaira, who reveals that he can see the future. He then shows Nana a photo of her attacking him. In the cafeteria, Nana discovers that Tsunekichi indeed has the ability to see in the future.
5"Talented vs. Talentless Part 2"
Transcription: "Nōryoku-sha Bāsasu Munōryoku-sha Pāto Tsū" (Japanese: 能力者VS. 無能力者 PART2)
Naoto HashimotoFumihiko ShimoNovember 1, 2020 (2020-11-01)[36]
Tsunekichi decides to blackmail Nana by using the photos he took. When he falls asleep, Nana learns that Tsunekichi gets his prophetic visions via a normal camera. The next morning, Tsunekichi confiscates one of his photos Nana has in her possession. While Tsunekichi is away, Nana tampers his watch. Later that night in the P.E. shed, Nana is thwarted when she attempts to kill Tsunekichi. Just as he is about to assault her, Nana reveals that she poisoned him and the photo he previously confiscated was actually taken by her. Once Tsunekichi succumbs to the poison, the real prophetic vision occurs when Kyōya and Michiru arrive at the scene. Kyōya explains that they came to the shed after they checked Tsunekichi's room. When Kyōya shows her the fake photo, Nana takes advantage of this by claiming that Tsunekichi took nude photos of her. She then leaves to retrieve the rest of the photos while Michiru stays behind with Tsunekichi's body. Following a confrontation with Kyōya, Nana realizes that one of the photos is missing. In the shed, Michiru comes across the photo just as Nana shows back up.
Transcription: "Nekuromansā" (Japanese: ネクロマンサー)
Yūshi SuzukiShōji YonemuraNovember 8, 2020 (2020-11-08)[37]
When Michiru hands Nana the photo, Nana convinces Michiru that Tsunekichi was not as clairvoyant as he claimed. Afterwards, Michiru reveals that she tried to resurrect Tsunekichi. At Tsunekichi's funeral, Kyōya requests that an autopsy be performed. However, Nana takes him outside where they have a conversation. When they return to the funeral, Shinji Kazama uses his necromancy to control Tsunekichi. The next day, Nana approaches Yūka Sasaki about Shinji. Later, Yūka explains to Nana and Kyōya that she rescued Shinji five years prior using her super strength. In the infirmary, Nana pretends that she is tired so she can sneak out and kill Shinji. After she poisons him, Nana rushes back when she notices the cat is stuck in a drain. She then gets Kyōya, Michiru, and Yūka to help her. However, Yūka claims that she is allergic. That night, Nana attempts to kill Yūka when she is stopped by Shinji. Nana then realizes that Yūka is actually the necromancer. After Yūka reveals how Shinji died, Nana admits that while she is a murderer, she lets the dead rest in peace.
7"Necromancer Part 2"
Transcription: "Nekuromansā Pāto Tsū" (Japanese: ネクロマンサー PART2)
Tomoya TakayamaFumihiko ShimoNovember 15, 2020 (2020-11-15)[38]
Nana taunts Yūka about her relationship with Shinji. She then offers a proposal: she will tell Yūka what Shinji is thinking. She claims that he wants her dead before she runs off. While she is alone, Nana brings up the things she observed in Yūka's room. Heading further into the mountains, Nana encounters some zombies. When she reaches an abandoned cottage, it is revealed that Yūka cannot use her talent during the day. As such, Yūka decides to lock Nana inside. Later that night, Yūka returns to the cottage only to discover that she cannot find Nana. The next morning, Yūka heads to the dormitory with Shinji when she is confronted by Nana. When they arrive at the cliff, Nana reveals how she tricked Yūka. She then asks Yūka about her relationship with Shinji. After hearing it, Nana points out the inconsistencies. This leads to Yūka revealing that she caused Shinji's death because she was jealous that he was dating another girl. Nana then kills her.
8"Talented vs. Talentless Part 3"
Transcription: "Nōryoku-sha Bāsasu Munōryoku-sha Pāto Surī" (Japanese: 能力者VS. 無能力者 PART3)
Naoto HashimotoShōji YonemuraNovember 22, 2020 (2020-11-22)[39]
After disposing of Yūka's body, Nana comes across Kirara, who explains that she had a fight with Kaori. Nana then poisons Kirara and forces her to give up her phone's password. Afterwards, she heads to Kaori's room to tamper with her contact case. In the hallway, Nana tells Kyōya that Yūka is dead. When Nana, Kyōya, Michiru, Seiya, and Moguo arrive the cliff, Nana claims Yūka committed suicide after she managed to get through to her. After she convinces Moguo to burn the corpses, including Shinji and Kirara's, Kyōya becomes suspicious of Nana until they discover Kaori's body. Kyōya then learns that Kaori had been poisoned via her contacts. Later that night, when Nana, Kyōya, and Michiru head back to Kaori's room, Nana realizes that she made a mistake. When Michiru checks Kaori's phone, Kyōya becomes convinced that Nana is the killer. He waits until some of their classmates arrive to explain how Nana killed Kaori. He then checks Nana to see if she still has Kirara's phone.
9"Survival of the Fittest"
Transcription: "Tekisha Seizon" (Japanese: 適者生存)
Kazunobu ShimizuFumihiko ShimoNovember 29, 2020 (2020-11-29)[40]
During his search, Kyōya discovers that Nana does not have Kirara's phone, in which she reveals how she was able to dispose of it while giving herself an alibi at the same time. Nana then claims that she can hear Kirara's spirit. Michiru later catches Nana off guard, but Nana is able to subdue her. The next day, Michiru pesters Nana until she accepts her present. While doing so, Nana successfully convinces the class that she read their minds when she correctly points out what a note taped to Michiru's back says. At the cliff, a former student named Jin Tachibana confronts Nana, admitting that he used his talent to transform into Michiru. Taking her to a cave, he reveals they previously encountered each other when he was the cat Kyōya fed. He also reveals that a civil war broke out on the island five years prior. Afterwards, Nana appears to have killed Jin when she poisoned his drink. Just as she is about to contact the committee, Nana realizes that Jin can copy any appearances and talents.
10"The Invisible Blade"
Transcription: "Miezaru Yaiba" (Japanese: 見えざる刃)
Naoki MurataShōji YonemuraDecember 6, 2020 (2020-12-06)[41]
Nana wonders why Jin has not use his talent to discover the identity of the committee himself. She then tries to escape, but she is injured when Jin transforms into Moguo. Before she passes out, Nana explains her family situation. Afterwards, Nana awakens in Michiru's room where she explains to Michiru that she feels responsible for her parents' death. At the funeral for Shinji, Yūka, and Kaori, Nana notices the ill effect Michiru's talent has on her. Later, while Nana is in her room, Jin shows up. Shortly thereafter, Michiru shows up as well and Jin transforms into the cat. When Michiru inquires about Nana's childhood, Nana reveals that she was a typical girl who loved games and manga until the night her parents were killed by a burglar when she forgot to lock her window after she snuck out. This causes Michiru to comfort her. The next morning, Kyōya tells Nana to follow him where he shows her another dead body. Nana soon realizes that another murderer is on the loose.
11"The Invisible Blade Part 2"
Transcription: "Miezaru Yaiba Pāto Tsū" (Japanese: 見えざる刃 PART2)
Hiroshi AkiyamaFumihiko ShimoDecember 13, 2020 (2020-12-13)[42]
Kyōya reveals that the victim was Ryūji Ishii. When asked where he was, Moguo states that he was giving his henchmen a pep talk. The henchmen then reveal their talents. Later, Ryūji's girlfriend, Fūko Sorano, demonstrates her talent on Kyōya outside. Shortly thereafter, the homeroom teacher arrives to announce that the higher-ups are on the phone thanks to Kyōya. Nana and Michiru are investigating the crime scene when Nana notices something is off with Michiru. When they later hang out in the cafeteria, Nana becomes emotional after Michiru asks her to move in with her and her parents after graduation. While in her room, Nana receives a new uniform. She then realizes that the poison bottle is missing. When Kyōya shows up, their teacher reveals that someone from headquarters will be coming. After Kyōya questions her whereabouts, Fūko tearfully asks Nana to help her avenge Ryūji's death. Nana later heads to Michiru's room where she comes across Michiru's diary. Following a conversation with Jin, Nana walks into the bathroom where she finds Michiru unconscious in the bathtub.
12"The Invisible Blade Part 3"
Transcription: "Miezaru Yaiba Pāto Surī" (Japanese: 見えざる刃 PART3)
Tomoya TakayamaShōji YonemuraDecember 20, 2020 (2020-12-20)[43]
After thinking about it, Nana decides to save Michiru. When Nana approaches her teacher, he suggests that she asks Kyōya for help, which she does. Later, Kyōya shows up while Nana is tending to Michiru. That night, Nana is still tending to Michiru when Fūko arrives, wondering if there has been any further developments in the case. When Michiru finally wakes up, Nana and Michiru hang out together. The next day, Jin has a conversation with Ryūji's killer. He then wonders who is responsible for manipulating Nana. Meanwhile, Tsuruoka, Nana's mentor, tells the committee that he is heading to the island. While Kyōya continues to investigate, Nana and Michiru are playing shogi. During the game, Michiru reveals she was bullied due to her talent until one day she healed a dog. As such, she became friends with Hitomi Hosokawa, the dog's owner. However, while she was helping at a hospital, Michiru fainted. She then learned that Hitomi had cancer. Shortly thereafter, Hitomi passed away. Nana becomes emotional once she is alone.
Transcription: "Ribaibaru" (Japanese: リバイバル)
Yūshi SuzukiFumihiko ShimoDecember 27, 2020 (2020-12-27)[44]
Nana and Michiru have a discussion regarding the murder of Nana's parents, in which Michiru states that Nana could not have been responsible in any way. The two share a hug with Nana mentally celebrating making a friend. The next day, they buy each other gifts. Later that night, Kyōya finally determines the killer's identity. Meanwhile, Jin visits Nana and informs her that Michiru is about to become the next victim. When Nana heads out, she receives a phone call from Tsuruoka. Later, just as the killer is about to strike, Nana arrives and is stabbed in the back. She then reveals that the killer is Rentarō Tsurumigawa, the henchman with the astral projection talent. While Rentarō continues his assault, Nana tells him that she has laid a trap. She then proceeds to insult Michiru in order to ensure that she flees to safety. When Rentarō wonders what the trap is, Kyōya finds his real body and stops him. As Nana lies on the ground dying, Michiru returns and uses her talent to save Nana. Afterwards, a distraught Nana holds Michiru's body, crying in pain as she has lost her one and only true friend.


  1. ^ All English titles are taken from Funimation.


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