Tales from the Crapper

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Tales from the Crapper
Theatrical Poster
Directed byGabriel Friedman
Chad Ferrin (space crash segment)
David Paiko (“Soul Stripper” segment)
Brian Spitz (“Freeride” segment)
Lloyd Kaufman (uncredited)
Produced byRamzi Abed
Gabriel Friedman
Michael Herz
Lloyd Kaufman
India Allen
Written byMark C. Adams
Edward Havens
Adam Jahnke
StarringJulie Strain
Masuimi Max
Ron Jeremy
James Gunn
Debbie Rochon
Kevin Eastman
Arban Ornelas
Jorge Garcia
CinematographySteven Vasquez
Mach Studios
Distributed byTroma Entertainment
Release date
September 28, 2004 (United States)
Running time
90 minutes

Tales from the Crapper is a 2004 straight-to-video anthology film that was a spoof of the Tales from the Crypt comics.[1] The film was released by Troma Entertainment.[1]


Troma Entertainment co-founder and B-movie director and producer Lloyd Kaufman plays the Crap Keeper. He presents the viewers with two horror stories that contain gore, nudity, fat men, talking penises, lesbian scenes, vampires, UFOs, and appearances by porn star Ron Jeremy and the band New Found Glory. The film was purportedly shot over three years with six directors and close to fifteen writers.


Actor Role
Julie Strain Ivanna Dance / Amanda Samantha
Lloyd Kaufman The Crap Keeper / Dad / Voice of Tromantis
Kevin Eastman Travis Dance
Jorge Garcia Raccoon Head
Trey Parker Steve Keen
James Gunn James Gunn
Ron Jeremy Jimmy
Ted Raimi Next Door Neighbor
India Allen Sally Sterks
Gabriel Friedman Strip Bar Announcer / Voice of Larry / Voice of Deacon / Oliver Stone
Debbie Rochon Herself / Zelda Lipschitz
Joe Fleishaker Michael Herz / 500 pound candygramm
New Found Glory Jewish party-goers
Eli Roth Gay Party-goer
Trent Haaga Shocked Party-goer
Wes Craven Himself
Stephen Blackehart Himself
Chad Ferrin Himself
Count Smokula Himself
Masuimi Max Lesbian Vampire
Arban Ornelas Lesbian Vampire


The film started pre-production in early 2001, after a successful digitized web-comic starring Yaniv Sharon entitled Tales From the Crapper hit the Troma website. After the three-part comic was done, Troma President Lloyd Kaufman wanted a real series on their website to be made. A contract was done with India Allen, who had recently produced and directed the film The Rowdy Girls which Troma distributed. The budget for the first season was $200,000 USD.

After more than a year of production, Troma received the footage that was shot and it was unwatchable. In some cases, there was missing sound, the camera-work seemed unprofessional. All of the episodes were unfinished. Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz were even more displeased when they found out that the entire budget was gone. In order to salvage the project, Lloyd Kaufman got former Troma alumni to re-work the script and find new uses for the footage shot. In 2003, re-shooting began both in Los Angeles and New York with Kaufman overseeing production. Gabriel Friedman, Troma's editor at the time, had made a list of the shots that were needed for the rewrites that they were working on. Despite Friedman and Kaufman being clear on what to do, many problems arose as well in the re-shoot with incompetent crew members. This led to years of post-production. In order to make scenes fit together and due to the lack of sound on most of the footage, many scenes had to be re-dubbed. Both segments, which started out as horror films with a slice of comedy, had now become over-the-top comedy.[citation needed]

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