Tales from the Elvenpath

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Tales From The Elvenpath
Tales Elvenpath.jpg
Compilation album by Nightwish
Released October 17, 2004
Genre Power metal
Length 68:00
Label Drakkar Entertainment
Producer Tero Kinnunen
Nightwish chronology
Wishmastour 2000
(2000)Wishmastour 20002000
Tales from the Elvenpath

Tales from the Elvenpath is Nightwish's first compilation release, released on October 18, 2004 by Drakkar Entertainment. Elvenpath is also the name of another Nightwish song, and although the compilation takes its name from that song, the song itself does not appear on the record, because that song is from the debut album, Angels Fall First, which was recorded with another record label.[1]

Tales from the Elvenpath got Gold Disc in Finland, with 20.000 sold copies, and in Germany, with 100.000 sold copies.[2]

Track listing[edit]

# Title Original album Composer
1 "Wishmaster" Wishmaster Holopainen
2 "Sacrament of Wilderness" Oceanborn Holopainen and Emppu Vuorinen
3 "End of all Hope" Century Child Holopainen
4 "Bless the Child" Century Child Holopainen
5 "Sleeping Sun" Sleeping Sun Holopainen
6 "She is my Sin" Wishmaster Holopainen
7 "Walking in the Air" Oceanborn Holopainen and Howard Blake
8 "Stargazers" Oceanborn Holopainen
9 "Over the Hills and Far Away" Over the Hills and Far Away Gary Moore
10 "The Kinslayer" Wishmaster Holopainen
11 "Dead Boy's Poem" Wishmaster Holopainen
12 "Sleepwalker" Wishmaster B-side Holopainen
13 "Nightquest" Oceanborn B-side Holopainen
14 "Lagoon" Century Child B-side Holopainen
15 "The Wayfarer" Century Child B-side Holopainen



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