Tales of the Arabian Nights (pinball)

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Tales of the Arabian Nights
Tales of the Arabian Nights Pinball Flyer.png
Manufacturer Williams
Release date 1996
Design John Popadiuk
Programming Louis Koziarz
Artwork Pat McMahon
Mechanics Jack Skalon, Ernie Pizarro, Joe Loveday
Music Dave Zabriskie
Sound Dave Zabriskie
Production run 3,128 units

Tales of the Arabian Nights is a 1996 pinball machine produced by Williams. The game is based on the stories of One Thousand and One Nights and features a blue jinn. The marketing slogan is "Your Wish is Granted".[1]


Players can experience 7 Tales of the Arabian Nights that includes a travel around the ancient city of Baghdad, flying with the magic carpet and battling the evil genie. Rubbing the magic lamp conjure good genies that help to rescue the princess. The game uses a vertical magnet diverter that grabs the ball and hurls it back at the player for more suspense as an industry first. The game also includes spikes that rise up and save the ball when the shooting stars are summoned.[2]

Digital versions[edit]

Tales of the Arabian Nights is available for free as a licensed table of The Pinball Arcade for several platforms. The game is also included in the Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo 3DS. Furthermore, the table is playable in Williams Pinball Classics (2001) for PC.[3]

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