Talgat Tadzhuddin

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Russian President Dmitry Medvedev presents Tadzhuddin the Order of Honour on 28 December 2009.
Then Russian President Vladimir Putin shakes hands with Tadzhuddin during a meeting with members of the Board of Guardians of the All-Russian National Military Fund on 21 February 2001.

Talgat Tadzhuddin (born Talgat Safich Tadzetdinov, Russian: Талгат Сафич Тадзетдинов; Tatar: Тәлгать Сафа улы Таҗетдин, Tälğät Safa uğlı Tacetdin), born 12 October 1948 in Kazan, is Chief Mufti of Russia, and heads the Central Muslim Spiritual Directorate. Since the Soviet era, the Russian government has divided Russia into a number of Muslim Spiritual Directorates, and appoints a head of each; Tadzhuddin heads the one incorporating Moscow and Central Russia. He was originally appointed in Soviet times but has managed to retain his post in the post-Soviet era.

Tadzhuddin joined leaders of the Orthodox Church as well as the city government of Moscow in expressing outrage at a planned gay pride parade in 2006.[1]

Honours and awards[edit]

  • Order of Honour (12 October 2008) - for services to the development of spiritual culture and strengthening friendship between peoples
  • Order of Friendship (21 September 1998) - for his great contribution to strengthening friendship and cooperation between peoples. [5]
  • Order of St. Prince Daniil Moskovsky, 2nd class (Russian Orthodox Church, 2008) - for strengthening inter-religious peace and harmony