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Talib Hussain Dard (Urdu: طالب حسین درد‎) is a Pakistani folk singer of Punjabi and Saraiki languages in Jhang, Punjab. He sings in Shahpuri accent of Punjabi, which is the language of Millions of people of Central Punjab. He is the pioneer of "JOG" singing.

Talib's hits include "Sara Jag Bewafa Koi Kisey Da Vi Nhi", "Na Kar Intizar Tu Sah De Safar Tain", "Sara Jag Bewafa".

Early life[edit]

He was born in a pind 'Kolo Tarar ' District Hafizabad, Punjab.

Musical career[edit]

His musical career is stretched over 4 decades. Although the charm of his youth has tapered down a bit, still he has a lot to offer to his dedicated audience. nearing 60, he along with his talented son Imran Talib, spell binds his audience. More than 6000 hours of recording is available in local market as he holds a concert every other day. He burst on the scene of folk music with a bang and swept people of their feet just like "The Great Attaullah Khan Essakhailvi".

Renaissance of Jog[edit]

He is renowned for his Jog. Jog is form of Classical which could appropriately be called Indus Region Classical Folk. It is said to be popular 2000 years ago. Talib Hussain Dard re-discovered and perfected the art of Jog Singing.

A Revolutionary Singer[edit]

Jhang is infamous for sectarianism and emergence of the classical singers of the likes of Talib gave a new dimension to the outlook of the people of this region. Although masses are mostly illiterate in this District, but infatuation with the voice of Talib Hussain Dard makes them sober as the poetry that he sings, is full of wisdom and intellect and it helps them rein in their wildness. He gathers huge audience in his concerts and people revere him for his selection of high standard poetry. He impacted the lives of many.


His famous songs[1] are:

  • Sara jag bewafa koi kisey da vi nhi
  • Bhala hovi o chan dhola
  • Kisey dian neendran
  • Dil ro ro sada dewey
  • Ruthey saein dhola
  • Chan dhola
  • Watna te raaj
  • Kadeen kadeen mukhra
  • Metho mang na dhula detti hoi neshani
  • Bhalay sajna dy Jad v Yad