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For the board game on which Talisman is based, see Talisman (board game).
Developer(s) SLUG (1985)
Nomad Games (2012)
Publisher(s) Games Workshop
Platform(s) ZX Spectrum, Windows, Mobile
Release (ZX) 1985
(PC/Mobile) 15 November 2012
Genre(s) Board game
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer (same machine)

Talisman, a board game by Games Workshop, has been attempted to be made into a video game several times since its introduction in 1983. Two versions have been officially released. One attempt was abandoned and an unauthorised version was released before being removed by request.


The first was a 1985 ZX Spectrum game. It was developed by SLUG and produced by the board game's publisher, Games Workshop. Another attempt, by Big Rooster Games in 2008 was abandoned and was labeled "a misfire" by Games Workshop. The third attempt by a fan of the game was released, but later removed. The fourth, actively in development and titled Talisman: Prologue, is being developed by Nomad Games. The single-player game is targeted for Microsoft Windows and mobile platforms.

Nomad Games' version[edit]

Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games (the current publisher of the Revised Fourth Edition of the game) partnered with another video game developer to produce a video game version.[1] Nomad Games produced a single-player version of Talisman based on the Fourth Edition rules. It is titled Talisman: Prologue. It was released 15 November 2012 for Microsoft Windows.[2][3]

A full multiplayer version of the game, Talisman Digital Edition, was released in October 2013.[4]

Spectrum version[edit]

Gameplay screenshot.

The game is a conversion of the Second Edition of the board game. It is a fantasy hybrid board/role-playing game, in which players moved across a text-based virtual board, fighting creatures, collecting items, and strengthening their characters through experience. The ultimate goal was to defeat the other players, typically by reaching the Crown of Command on the game board.


The game was received somewhat favorably, but did not have any lasting impact on the history of video gaming.[5]

2008 version[edit]

Capcom had begun development in 2007 of a downloadable video game for both the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Arcade. A version was also planned for Microsoft Windows.[6] Based closely on the board game of the same name from Games Workshop, it was being developed by Big Rooster, but Capcom eventually announced they were seeking new developers.

On 12 October 2008, Capcom Senior Director of Strategic Planning, Christian Svensson, announced:

Rather recently we have finally stopped development completely. After a misfire at the start, the details of which I won't get into, we evaluated several options for moving the project to new developers, but the costs of moving forward outweighted [sic] the potential revenue. I realize this will be disappointing for the fans of the game.

The rights have reverted to Games Workshop where I hope someone will pick them up and try again. I too still would like to play a Talisman videogame.[7]

This digital version would have supported up to four players, either online or offline. Including 25 different characters from the game and its expansions, it also promised additional downloadable content, such as extra characters and alternate ending conditions.[8]

In 2014, a new digital version of Talisman was released by Nomad Games, titlted Talisman: Digital Edition.

Unofficial version[edit]

Tim Street released an unofficial version of Talisman for Windows in July 2008. It was subsequently removed by request of Games Workshop.

Android version[edit]

On 1 May 2013 Thumbstar Games Ltd released Talisman: Prologue for Android 2.2, this version also still lack multiplayer or other players directed by computer.[9][10] On 3 September 2014 new version was released that supports AI controlled characters and local multiplayer as well.


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