Talisman Online

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Talisman Online
Talisman Online.jpg
Developer(s) Mira Game
Publisher(s) Mira Game
Platform(s) Windows
Release October 2007
Genre(s) 3D Fantasy MMORPG
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Talisman Online is a free 3D fantasy Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Game (MMORPG) based on an ancient mythical story. Its storyline centralizes the confrontation between justice and evil power. It has five different classes and hundreds of quests and monsters. The current maximum level is level 85.[1] This with the exception of the (newest) server "Blood Oath" where the maximum level is 70.[2]


Players control an avatar which spends most of its time kill mobs or do quests for NPCs and interacting with other players in the community. A player chooses its class, gender and facial features at the beginning of the game. Each class has 2 types of Weapon Talismans which are used to attack the foe with their own set of skills (also separated as PvP/PvE weapons), and has 4 different Assistant Talismans, which provide different offensive, defensive, and supportive skills.


Players create their character from one of 5 classes available:[3]

  • Monk - The primary tank class of the game. They have high defence and HP, but lack damage. Monks can only be male.
  • Wizard - The magical damage dealers of the game. They have low HP and defence, but excel in ranged by using magic and other mystic spells. Wizards do not have a gender restriction and can be either male or female.
  • Assassin - The physical damage dealers of the game. They deal high damage in close range but can fill the role of a secondary tanker because of their average HP and defense. Assassins can only be male.
  • Fairy - The main support class of the game. Fairies have the ability to heal and resurrect, and also other supportive buffs and debuffs. Fairies can only be female.
  • Tamer - Considered the only solo class of the game. Tamers have the ability to tame pets and use them in battle. Tamers use bows and are long ranged fighters. Tamers can only be female.


Each class has 2 types of Weapon Talismans and 4 different Assistant Talismans. These talismans can be enhanced to improve weapon stats, damage, and skills. Every two levels the talisman gains after level 10, it will receive an attribute point which the player can freely distribute to improve different aspects of their talisman or skills.[4]


Player versus player (PvP) is allowed on all servers without punishment in duels. Player Killing (PK) is also allowed on all servers, but comes with penalties. PK arenas are also available for players to freely attack each other without penalties.[5]

Guild System[edit]

Guilds are an important feature in Talisman Online as it brings many advantages to the player. Members of a guild can talk with each other in the guild chat box. Guilds will bring members access to new daily quests, free experience points, and a guild warehouse.[6][7]


Defense(known as PVE among players) is a special type of scenario where a maximum of 5 people participate in an unlimited amount of rounds against waves of NPC monsters which include mobs and bosses. The objective is to protect a friendly NPC with certain amount of health. The NPC monsters generally get harder and harder with each round the team advance to. Upon death, players will be revived next to the friendly NPC with no losses. The PVE game is over when the friendly NPC dies. If the team successfully reach to round 11, each member will receive soul experience which is needed to level up their Soul which gives the player extra base HP. They will also get experience points, money, and energy.

Guild War System[edit]

Guild Wars are held weekly and allows different guilds to fight each other in an arena. Victory in a guild war will reward the guild with guild prosperity which is needed to make guild rise in guild ranks.

City War[edit]

City War (also known as Blood Palace War) is held once a week. Ally guilds may register to attack or defend the Blood Palace. The guild which manages to successfully defend their position or defeats the defenders will be declared the Master Guild and will take control of the map Blood Mountain and receive other high rewards.


There are more than 15 characteristic dungeons and caves in this game. You can gain rare and useful talisman or different kinds of equipments through killing the BOSS or monsters in scenario. It is a place full of valuable items. The quests in scenario are mostly high-level tasks with different kinds of mobs. Although the quests in scenarios are difficult, there are related rewards.[8]

System Event[edit]

TO has several regular in-game events. Race, South Border Land Adventure, Guild War, Drop Rate events, Celestial Pearl Collection and Blood Palace War.
1. Race - The Race event is held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (07:00 - 09:00 in-game time). Players can sign in for a Junior Race and Senior Race sections. The Junior Race is for low level players who can't race on the entire West Land map, due to their low level and danger from being interrupted by monsters on their way to the finish line. Senior Race is the longest race. Players start from Stone City and must reach the finish located at the South part of Whorl Mountain. When a player signs for Junior or Senior race they get a BUFF that restricts them from using any abilities or items while in race, except their mount. In order to keep the players in race in the right track, they follow NPC checkpoints which when touched, increase one number on the Checkpoint counter. In order for a player to finish a race, he must pass through all checkpoints on the track. Rewards for the first four to finish is Energy.
2. South Border Land Adventure - This event is held at the end of the week (Sunday 19:00 - 21:00 in-game time). While the event is ON, players can enter the South Border Land were they can find challenging monsters and bosses, interesting and useful rewards. South Border Land is NOT a scenario, players can meet up in there without being in a team formation.
3. Guild war - the Guild War is held every Tuesday and Thursday. In this event, one guild can challenge another guild to a war. Usually this war ends at Snow Village. While the event is held, players have the permission to use special war items from The ugry Lady NPC in their Guild Demense in order to help them win the war.
4. Drop Rate event - This event increases the drop rate of Green items - 200%, Blue items - 200%, Golden items - 200% and Energy rate - 200%. The Drop Rate event is held every Saturday and lasts 24 hours.
5. Celestian Pearl Collection - This event starts at the same time and days as the Race Event (19:00 in-game time) but ends one hour earlier (20:00 in-game time). While the event is ON, players can collect Celestial Pearl items in order to finish the Quest from NPC Immortal Lee (in Stone City and Clear Water Dam areas), and get EXP and GOLD rewards.
6. Blood Palace War - The most fierce guild battle in Talisman Online. It is held every Saturday (starts at 08:00 and ends a 10:00 in-game time). Guilds can sign in for the Blood Palace war for a small entering fee. During the Blood Palace War, players are allowed to PK kill other players without getting PK Value for it (in Blood Palace area ONLY). There are Defender and Attacker guilds. Defender guilds are trying to stop the attackers from Sealing the top of the Blood Palace tower. ONLY the guild leader can start and seal the tower. While sealing, the guild leader can't move, but can take damage. Once someone has Sealed the Tower, everyone else except the sealed guild are sent outside of the Blood Palace. When the war ends at 10:00 in-game time, the guild that currently holds Blood Palace, gets control over it for the next one week. This gives the guild members the ability to take the Blood Palace Glory quest which gives 10% HP upper limit for 24 hours (the quest can be taken every day while the guild holds Blood Palace). The winner guild also get access to Blood Palace hunting grounds. Their players can kill strong monsters to get good Gold loot. The monsters inside Blood Palace Hunting ground re-spawn every 24 hours.[9]


Talisman Points (T-Points or TPs) are credited to the player's account when the required amount of money is paid. T-Points can be used to purchase items from the in-game shop, including Combining gems, Mounts, Pets, Inlays, Aidance, Equipment,Cosmetic and Special.[10]



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