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Older talk

I have edited the Medal of honor page slightly to reflect the correct reference to the decoration, according to the Federal Code of Military Regulations. P.H. - Kyoukan, UASC 23:26, 18 March 2006 (UTC)

The name of the medal is NOT the Congressional Medal of Honor. It certainly is the Medal of Honour. Perhaps under US Medal of Honor.

The name of the medal is NOT the Congressional Medal of Honor. It certainly is not the Medal of Honour. Perhaps under US Medal of Honor.

Ok, you're correct; it's commonly called that but the actual name is the Medal of Honor. (Please inform the Congressional Medal of Honor Society). ;-) Anyway, the problem is that if we have to specify further than simply "Medal of Honor," why not make it at least what it's commonly called? No one (to my knowledge) says "U.S. Medal of Honor."

And so but I was confused about the civilian award; that's called the Medal of Freedom. --KQ

The society is a Congressional chartered society, apparently hence the name. It could be the source of the name confusion. Some people see attaching Congressional to the name as a confusion of the separation of powers since the military report to the President(executive branch), not the Congress (legislative branch). I don't see the real issue myself since Congress passed the laws that provided for all the awards (distinguished service cross, silver star, etc.) However I know old soldiers have yelled at me for using the wrong name for the medal. --rmhermen

If there are other countries that use "Medal of Honor" how will we designate them? If not British Medal of Honor, French Medal of Honor (No those countries don't apparently have Medals of Honor) We do not use US Medal of Honor but we don't usually use US Declaration of Independence either, just Declaration of Independence. --rmhermen

Good points. I'll leave it in your hands then, but I would like to put in my vote for [[Congressional Medal of Honor]] over [[U.S. Medal of Honor]], since the first one is actually commonly used. --Koyaanis Qatsi

Untrue. Marines may call the Medal of Honor "CMOH," but as a submariner I never heard a sailor make that mistake. See, for example,, which links to every citation for all Navy and Marine Corps recipients ... and never once uses the word "Congressional." --the Epopt

Whether or not the article should be at Congressional Medal of Honour, it definitely should not be at Medal of Honor. Pizza Puzzle

Army Regulation 600-8-22 Military Awards contains 58 references to “Medal of Honor”, there is not a single instance of the word “Congressional” preceding it.