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The ""Hair Extensions"" are hair addition that are secured to the base of the clients hair in order to add length to the clients hair to add volume,texture,or color.

  The guidelines to keep in mind while doiong this practice is:
  * start by thinking about the lenghth,volume and thickness your clients hair wants to be Ex: how long it's going to be. How the texture of the hair is.
  * know what style your srtriving for, map out what your desire style is.Ex: Ask your client what kind of style their looking for before you start putting your extensisons in their hair.
  *With very thin hair you must make sure that your base does not show though. If your base shows then everybody's going to see your extension/track if you don't do it correctly.
  * Straight thin hair and curly thin hair may have the same density.But curly hair will appear thicker when you put your extensions/tracks in the clients hair so you really wouldn't have to put that many extensions in curly hair.

History on putting in Extensions:

 *The history on putting in extensisons peoples hair is way back in the eygption times the egptions would put wigs on their heads to protect it from the sun. They shaved their heads with razors to fit the wigs just right.The ex

tensisons came in along with the hair.Along with that they shaved their hair completely off. They would put sunscreen on their head before going out into the sun.

 * Some people use hair extensisons to cover up bold spots they mit have or just to plan add hair to it to make it longer.Please make sure that your style matches your head shape and what hair color you have or putting in your head,because sometimes you girls out their have hair styles that do not fit your hair shape. 

  *Practice First
  * When you start practing your extensions make sure you have the concept of getting the tracks in all the ways they can offer you. you have that down you can almost do anything you want to the hair.Its a very challanging experince to go though.The more you do it the better you will become at it the better you will get this skill down.You can do a style anyway you want to because you have alot of hair to handle.

 *The different methods you can use to sew and attach these extensisons.
 *The track and sew method is a method you use so that extensison will stay in place and won't fall out.This method is attach to a cornrow method. You use a hair needle to sew the hair.You do your partings to make sur your style comes out the way your client wants it styled.You would start with the cornrow in the row that its post to be in.Keep doing that till you achived the style that you want.
  *So that's the way you handle a extensisons things. So theirs yor advice!