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Definition of "similar" artists? Comment[edit]

The article says one central function of Slacker Radio is to suggest "similar songs and artists." How do they operationalize "similar"? I think it's more than just the same genre, sex or age. The Pandora Radio article has a reference which says Pandora uses attributes from the Music Genome Project to define "similar", but I've never seen how Slacker does so. Kim9988 (talk) 23:36, 1 December 2017 (UTC)

slacker and copyright[edit]

The article lacks in discussing the copiright issue: 1) do slacker radios pay copyrights to the authors of the songs? 2) if yes do they pay the same amount to all artists (signed, unsigned, national or international artists) and with which modalities? 3) absolute and comparative quantification of the (eventually) payed copyrights; how do slacker pay to the author for each streamed songs? How much do Slacker pay in comparison to a traditional radio or TV broadcast? How do they pay in comparison to other streaming web services like deezer, pandora, spotify etc? 4) what do musicians, authors and labels think about slacker? 5) which is the method by which a band or musician can have their songs on slacker they contact slacker directly or there is some intermediation? 6) what kind of control there is about the number of times a song is streamed? Do Slacker send a report to the American Society Of Authors and Editors? Mmrecords (talk) 03:44, 25 January 2018 (UTC)