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Tongkat Ali (a.k.a. Long Jack) is marketed by several off-shore sources, trumpeted as a testosterone booster, without the side-effects of direct testosterone supplementation. In what appear to be limited trials, results reported include 200% to 400% increase in testosterone and free testerone levels. This seems remarkable. Anti-aging effects are also cited. A limited personal test confirms the testosterone boost, without labratory measurement. Side-effects similar to youhimbe are said to be avoided, especially heart palpatations.

It is also reported that the government of Malaysia is fostering the farm production of the tongkat ali plant.

Any scientific or medical input would be most helpful to those researching this supplement.

Proposed Merge of Eurycoma longifolia and Tongkat Ali[edit]

These really seem like the same article, and should somehow be merged (perhaps Eurycoma longifolia being the article to merge information into). Opinions?

Also, the names Long Jack and Pasak Bumi are cited as other common names for Eurycoma longifolia. So, to spare two more articles about this being created (perhaps by people in different regions), and also so that people can find what they're looking for, I've set those two names to redirect to Eurycoma longifolia. Czj 17:22, 23 July 2006 (UTC)

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