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Talk2 is a talk show hosted by Jim Rome on ESPN2 from 1993 to 1998. The show ran one hour at night.[1]

The Everett incident[edit]

Jim Rome's show achieved the ultimate in notoriety when he welcomed Jim Everett onto the show in 1994. Jim Everett claimed for the past few years Rome had been calling him "Chris". Within the first few seconds of welcoming Everett onto the show, Rome instantly called out Everett by saying, "...somewhere along the way Jim, you ceased being Jim and you became Chris," a reference to female tennis player Chris Evert. Everett warned Rome that if he called him "Chris" one more time, they would have to cut to a commercial break. After Rome repeated "Chris," Everett attacked him, flipping over the table in the process.[2]

In 2010, ESPN Classic began re-airing episodes of Talk2, including the infamous Jim Everett incident.[3]


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