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can't possibly describe the Elz administration as competent[edit]

Sorry, but you can't possibly describe the Elz administration as competent, fair, or organised. (Maybe it was OK to start with, I can't say, but later on it was utterly hopeless.) As someone who actually had dealings with that incompetent fool, let me assure you that the changeover to Melbourne IT was a vast improvement. Sure, Melbourne IT cost some money, and were not perfect. But they did at least demonstrate some minimal professional competence and process requests in a business-like manner. Under Elz, it was a different matter entirey.

Tannin 18:33, 27 Sep 2004 (UTC)

I agree with the essence of what you say about Elz in relation to .au, but Melbourne IT's service by the standards then was hardly astounding either. The would charge you $137, and would often sit on requests for weeks or months; when registries in other countries would do it in less than a day. Just because they were better than Elz makes no excuse for M-IT being slack.
That said, I don't think it is established NPOV fact that kre acted in a "bizarre" way. That is just an opinion. Therefore I believe the article should say "some consider" he acted bizarre, rather than your wording.
I have dealt with him, on and off over the years, so I am quite familiar with him, as well as being fairly involved in .au issues over that time.
--kjd 07:35, 28 Sep 2004 (UTC)

Conflicts of interest[edit]

gioto (talk) 00:10, 3 May 2009 (UTC)