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Water Margin Characters[edit]

Whoa there, Bonny. Are we sure we even want Water Margin characters here? I think they're relevant, but this page is the 108 Stars of Destiny Suikoden page, and they're all on the main 108 Stars page. Additionally, I don't know if a page for each star is really necessary either. Let's not forget that some people are on 800x600 monitors; this table isn't going to look very good if it gets stretched horizontally any more. SnowFire 02:54, 28 June 2006 (UTC)

I think so. however, the suikoden series are based on this story. And when I read about water margin character, I ound many similiarity between the characters in suikoden and water margin. so I like to make a comparison bet ween them. Also with this, the suikoden fans can also took the reference from suikoden series great great great ancestor.hehehehe... Do you have any idea about this. I just start working it, so it's ok if you thik it's not necessary. Bonny


A fine start, but I think it might be helpful to expand a bit on the context. (1) The very first sentence assumes we know what Suikoden is; this should be made more explicit as early in the article as possible, i.e. the very first sentence. (2) I read this, and honestly, I don't quite get what you're talking about. There are 108 characters in the game, and you imply but do not state outright that these characters are the Stars of Destiny. You then provide a link to the novel's version, without explaining one bit what that original concept is and how it applies to the game... The introduction needs work is all. Otherwise, thank you for your hard work in compiling this table, etc. LordAmeth 20:58, 29 December 2006 (UTC)