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Incorrect hat badge[edit]

The hat badge for this entry is incorrect.

The 11th Light Horse wore the Rising Sun badge. The hat badge in the entry is that of the post war militia 11th Light Horse (Darling Downs Light Horse) worn during the 1920s up to 1942. A separate unit. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Marmi01 (talkcontribs) 05:39, 24 June 2015 (UTC)

As far as I know the militia unit raised in the 1920s took its lineage from the First AIF unit and this article deals with both. As such I'm not really sure its accurate to say the use of the badge here is incorrect, it just probably wasn't the badge worn by the unit until the 1920s as you say. Its is however possible the image file information (which says it was taken in 1915) may be wrong though, although I cannot seem to find the image in the AWM Collections Database anymore so I'm unable to really comment too much further on this. If you have a source which indicates the badge wasn't worn until the 1920s I'd suggest adding a note to the article (properly referenced) to that effect. Anotherclown (talk) 08:33, 24 June 2015 (UTC)