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Linking things[edit]

I don't think the team names on this page should link to various men's teams, given that many don't make any reference to either the AAA or AA teams. Either the majority of men's team articles need to be updated to include this, or there would need to be separate articles for the various junior teams, as has been started with the Australia national under-19 baseball team article.

I also think that even though it leaves red-links, there should be links to the individual tournament articles. That way its a little more obvious that there are more pages to be created and filled with information, and hopefully encourage people to work on them. That's why I created this article in the first place: the red-link in the {{International Baseball}} template was getting annoying.

And one last thing: I think it should be Chinese Taipei through the whole article, rather than switching between Chinese Taipei & Taiwan. Partly because it maintains consistency within the article, as well as maintaining consistency with other baseball articles like Baseball World Cup, and it limits the amount of confusion the article might create. If someone reading the article is unsure of what Chinese Taipei is, they can click the link to show them, which explains why Chinese Taipei gets used rather than Taiwan in most - if not all - international sporting areas.  Afaber012  (talk)  23:07, 26 July 2009 (UTC)

I disagree with the fact that the team names on this page doesn't have a link. They should be linked to the national team pages, because it's never said to be only men's team pages. The teams on this page are the national teams representing the nations in this tournament. So I don't see the problem linking the team names to the pages of the national teams. FAB!AN (talk) 22:42, 8 August 2009 (UTC)