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This was the year that Stephen Hendry slipped on a bar of soap in his hotel bathroom somewhere between his first and second round matches,doing his arm enough of a mischief to have it in a sling for a while,and yet still no-one could beat him! Jimmy it really should have been your year,but oh that missed black when you had the table at your mercy in the final frame!

Cliff Thorburn led Nigel Bond 9-2 and lost 10-9! And four years after his previous Crucible outing there was one last,fractious appearance for the inimitable Hurricane Higgins,the player I could watch for hours on end as much for his mannerisms and eccentricities as for his snooker which was edge-of-your-seat stuff more often that not in his heyday,making it a shame to witness him struggling so.

Qualifying rounds on 22 tables in the grey cubicles at the Norbreck Castle Hotel in wintry Blackpool on 8th – 19th January: 1st qualifying round: S Kershaw beat R Vaswani 5-2; W Saidler beat A Bellusci 5-2; L Marney beat C McDonald 5-0; Michael O’Sullivan beat Philip W Williams 5-4; M Fernandez beat D Lazenby 5-0; M O’Neill beat G Esprit 5-1; C Taylor beat C Barber 5-1; K Johnstone beat G Chilcott 5-4; J Bedford beat S Berry 5-0; Declan Hughes beat A Alexandrou 5-3; D Dodd beat PJ Thomerson 5-3; R Hull beat P Clarke 5-1; A Radford beat Dennis Hughes 5-3; A Craig beat PS McDonald 5-3; C Bradshaw beat F Fitzgerald 5-1; M Lee beat R Grenville-Smith 5-4; R Davis beat C Glanville 5-1; M Geudens beat D Mellon 5-0; N Mosley beat C Achilles 5-1; J Mills beat M McGrotty 5-3; M Wilson beat E Clark 5-2; W Dijkstra beat J Curtis 5-1; S Bigham beat Jonathan L White 5-0; M Catchpole beat J Clouden 5-4; J Kemp beat P Bullen 5-4; M Duffy beat S Popplewell 5-4; J Scott wo N Segal; A Essilfie beat S Waldron 5-1; M Bayley beat R Shakespeare 5-0; M Dziewaltowski beat D Holdcroft 5-4; J Bayliss beat Derek Smith 5-4; G Williams beat M Spade 5-4; D Paris beat D Mole 5-2; S Taylor beat A Krasinski 5-3; T Dunphy beat D Skinner 5-4; T Bailey beat M Wehrmann 5-0; Darren Martin beat R Esteiro 5-1; I Bullimore beat L Wai Lee 5-3; R Frezza beat D Newcombe 5-4; C Archer beat A Milliard 5-2; A Fleming beat S Smith 5-1; A Edmonds beat C Flight 5-0; D Zeid beat A Potikyan 5-3; P Sweeny beat B Patmore 5-3; S Henderson beat M Farrant 5-4; D Thompson beat T Brown 5-2; P Delsemme beat H Hursid 5-3; T Bell beat P Smith 5-3; J Canny beat D Andrew 5-0; G Ponting beat R Batty 5-0; L Walters beat E Matthiasson 5-1; D Shaw beat I McCulloch 5-2; A Atkinson beat J Patterson 5-0; Daniel Buskin beat A Peart 5-1; N Wood beat J O’Shea 5-0; M Vassallo beat A Photiou 5-2; G Greene beat M Whatley 5-4; D Mirza beat C Bernstone 5-0; J Moore beat M Ganderton 5-0; G Peabody beat B Haneveer 5-2; J McGouran beat R Thallon 5-0; D Zagaroli beat J Morris 5-2

2nd qualifying round: S Whalley beat S Kershaw 5-4; P McCullagh beat W Saidler 5-1; M Couch beat L Marney 5-4; Michael O’Sullivan wo M Leach; N Maher beat M Fernandez 5-3; M O’Neill beat C Harrison 5-1; S Evans beat C Taylor 5-0; K Johnstone wo P Minchin; S Pettman beat J Bedford 5-0; Declan Hughes beat N Marsh 5-3; R Culham beat D Dodd 5-0; R Hull beat J Rous 5-0; R King beat A Radford 5-0; D Lennox beat A Craig 5-2; N Selman beat C Bradshaw 5-2; J Goodyear beat M Lee 5-1; S Archer beat R Davis 5-2; M Geudens wo G Sethi; N Mosley beat A Hannah 5-3; E Lott beat J Mills 5-3; M Wilson beat J Bagley 5-2; W Dijkstra beat S Cook 5-4; S Bigham beat D Rice 5-1; M Catchpole beat G Stevens 5-3; J Kemp beat P Hefford 5-4; D Wilson beat M Duffy 5-2; J Scott beat K Corr 5-2; A Essilfie beat G Jones 5-1; P Davison beat M Bayley 5-3; M Dziewaltowski beat David Buskin 5-3; R McDonald beat J Bayliss 5-3; G Williams beat J Vicarey 5-0; H Vaizie beat D Paris 5-4; S Payne beat S Taylor 5-4; T Dunphy wo J Knipe; T Bailey beat I Hurdman 5-1; Darren Martin beat A Buckley 5-3; I Bullimore beat Mark Williams (England) 5-1; N Noppachorn beat R Frezza 5-3; A Halpin beat C Archer 5-4; D Singh beat A Fleming 5-4; A Edmonds beat D Athorn 5-0; M Kirkham beat D Zeid 5-4; P Sweeny beat S Mann 5-2; S Henderson beat N MacLachlan 5-3; Mark O’Sullivan beat D Thompson 5-4; P Delsemme beat Nick D Jones 5-4; T Bell beat J Buckingham 5-3; J Canny beat J Leahy 5-0; G Ponting beat S Roberts 5-4; L Walters beat Mick Smith 5-4; J Manley beat D Shaw 5-2; A Atkinson beat B Bennett 5-0; S Parnell beat Daniel Buskin 5-2; N Wood beat H Lakhani 5-2; P Florence beat M Vassallo 5-3; G Greene beat L Smith 5-0; S Haines beat D Mirza 5-1; A Taylor beat J Moore 5-3; P Seaton beat G Peabody 5-2; S Harrison beat J McGouran 5-4; D Zagaroli beat D Limburg 5-1; K Lownds beat K Brown 5-4; R Bigg beat J Perry 5-2

3rd qualifying round: S Whalley beat J Shilton 5-4; S Gill beat P McCullagh 5-1; M Couch beat R Tavagna 5-2; J Fitzmaurice beat Michael O’Sullivan 5-2; L Robinson beat N Maher 5-2; M O’Neill beat P Horne 5-2; J Walton beat S Evans 5-2; J Burns beat K Johnstone 5-2; S Pettman beat M Gray 5-3; S Elliott beat Declan Hughes 5-4; T Finstad beat R Culham 5-3; R Hull beat Jim Long 5-2; Allison Fisher beat R King 5-1; G Baldrey beat D Lennox 5-3; N Selman beat M Roughan 5-3; M Judge beat J Goodyear 5-2; J Burnett beat S Archer 5-2; M Geudens beat S Hillyard 5-4; N Mosley beat R Leighton 5-1; E Lott beat D Coles 5-3; M Wilson beat Danny Smith 5-1; W Dijkstra beat J Dunning 5-1; S Bigham beat L Richardson 5-1; M Catchpole beat W Lloyd 5-1; D Peach beat J Kemp 5-4; D Wilson beat N Pearce 5-2; J Scott beat J Timson 5-3; A Essilfie beat Tommy Murphy 5-1; P Davison beat G Burns 5-1; M Dziewaltowski beat P Morgan 5-4; R McDonald beat S Parker 5-1; C Scanlon beat G Williams 5-2; H Vaizie beat R Pincott 5-2; S Payne beat J Pegram 5-1; T Dunphy beat S Russell 5-4; F Maskell beat T Bailey 5-2; P Gilchrist beat Darren Martin 5-1; C Waters beat I Bullimore 5-0; N Noppachorn beat W Jerram 5-1; E Manning beat A Halpin 5-0; N Barrow beat D Singh 5-4; S Suwannasingh beat A Edmonds 5-1; L Grant beat M Kirkham 5-0; C Kelly beat P Sweeny 5-2; J Lardner beat S Henderson 5-4; Mark O’Sullivan beat J Bodle 5-0; P Delsemme beat N Tomkins 5-2; A Bolsover beat T Bell 5-1; R Garrett beat J Canny 5-3; G Ponting beat M Parmar 5-4; L Walters beat PS Davison 5-0; A Bishop beat J Manley 5-3; A Atkinson beat M Valentine 5-4; S Parnell beat D Venables 5-1; J Saunders beat N Wood 5-3; I Sargent beat P Florence 5-4; G Greene beat D Guest 5-4; S Haines beat G Fisken 5-3; G Peters beat A Taylor 5-2; P Seaton beat M Gold 5-0; I Jones beat S Harrison 5-0; K Townsend beat D Zagaroli 5-0; M Dunn beat K Lownds 5-1; R Chapman beat R Bigg 5-1

4th qualifying round: D McGlinchey beat S Whalley 5-4; S Gill beat R Edmonds 5-3; M Couch beat A Borg 5-2; D Rippon beat J Fitzmaurice 5-2; L Robinson beat B Bunn 5-1; M O’Neill beat G MacDonald 5-1; J Walton beat F Dezi 5-2; J Burns beat G Horne 5-4; S Pettman beat Terry Murphy 5-1; S Prest beat S Elliott 5-2; T Finstad beat C Cookson 5-0; R Hull beat A Cheema 5-3; D McLellan beat Allison Fisher 5-0; K Ashby beat G Baldrey 5-0; S Lemmens beat N Selman 5-1; M Judge beat P Wykes 5-2; J Burnett beat G Cripsey 5-4; M Geudens beat R Foxall 5-2; N Mosley beat D Walker 5-4; P Cavney beat E Lott 5-2; M Wilson beat K Burrows 5-3; W Rendle beat W Dijkstra 5-3; S Bigham beat S Dunn 5-2; D Hackeson beat M Catchpole 5-4; N Walker beat D Peach 5-3; B Jones beat D Wilson 5-1; J Scott beat N Fruin 5-4; S Reardon beat A Essilfie 5-2; D Clarke beat P Davison 5-1; M Dziewaltowski beat G Natale 5-4; R McDonald beat S Morris 5-3; I Williamson beat C Scanlon 5-2; T Rampello beat H Vaizie 5-4; S Payne beat C MacGillivray 5-2; G Lees beat T Dunphy 5-1; Y Merchant beat F Maskell 5-2; P Gilchrist beat M Campbell 5-0; M Flowerdew beat C Waters 5-0; N Noppachorn beat S Beggiato 5-4; E Manning beat A O’Connor 5-2; D Gilbert beat N Barrow 5-2; S Suwannasingh beat D Grimwood 5-1; D Dale beat L Grant 5-1; C Kelly beat D Leary 5-4; O King beat J Lardner 5-2; Mark O’Sullivan beat M Gibson 5-1; M Fisher beat P Delsemme 5-4; A Bolsover beat S Lynskey 5-3; R Garrett beat J Wallace 5-0; G Ponting beat J Donnelly 5-2; A Rosa beat L Walters 5-4; A Bishop beat J Giles 5-2; A Atkinson beat L Griffin 5-3; Daniel Murphy beat S Parnell 5-3; M King beat J Saunders 5-3; I Sargent beat C Morton 5-2; G Greene beat S Macfarlane 5-0; J Cundy beat S Haines 5-2; G Peters beat M Boyd 5-1; B L’Orange beat P Seaton 5-1; G Dennis beat I Jones 5-4; S Mifsud beat K Townsend 5-4; M Dunn wo C Kikis; R Chapman beat J Delaney 5-3

5th qualifying round: S Judd beat D McGlinchey 10-5; S Gill wo B Gollan; M Couch beat T Wilson 10-5; R Marshall beat D Rippon 10-8; L Robinson beat J Woodman 10-6; J Higgins beat M O’Neill 10-6; J Walton beat John Rea 10-3; J Burns beat B Harris 10-5; S Pettman beat J Read 10-4; E Henderson beat S Prest 10-6; S Meakin beat T Finstad 10-5; J Michie beat R Hull 10-6; D McLellan beat R Williams 10-5; M Davis beat K Ashby 10-4; S Lemmens beat B Oliver 10-4; M Judge beat S Campbell 10-5; S Mazrocis beat J Burnett 10-7; C Small beat M Geudens 10-4; N Mosley beat P McPhillips 10-9; P Cavney beat P Browne 10-5; J Chambers beat M Wilson 10-9; W Rendle beat T Shaw 10-8; J Weston beat S Bigham 10-7; S Duggan beat D Hackeson 10-9; N Walker beat S O’Connor 10-8; B Jones beat I Brumby 10-8; C Edwards beat J Scott 10-6; David Taylor beat S Reardon 10-8; P Gibson beat D Clarke 10-4; J Grech beat M Dziewaltowski 10-6; Stephen Lee beat R McDonald 10-4; W King beat I Williamson 10-5; T Rampello beat J Whittaker 10-9; S Payne beat M Macleod 10-9; MJ Williams (Wales) beat G Lees 10-8; Y Merchant beat K Broughton 10-9; P Gilchrist beat Dave Martin 10-9; A Davies beat M Flowerdew 10-7; N Noppachorn beat B West 10-3; E Manning beat A Harris 10-8; D Gilbert beat P Medati 10-7; A Cairns beat S Suwannasingh 10-4; D Dale beat C Roscoe 10-3; C Kelly beat J O’Boye 10-9; O King beat M Husnu 10-6; Mark O’Sullivan beat S Ali 10-3; P Daubney beat M Fisher 10-1; F O’Brien beat A Bolsover 10-2; B Pinches beat R Garrett 10-9; G Ponting beat D McDonnell 10-9; A Rosa beat S Mellish 10-4; A Bishop beat P Kenny 10-6; A Atkinson beat K Owers 10-4; S Lanigan beat Daniel Murphy 10-6; M King beat P Tanner 10-3; B Rowswell beat I Sargeant 10-7; M Rowing beat G Greene 10-8; J Cundy beat S Longworth 10-5; G Peters beat P Lines 10-8; B L’Orange wo N Dyson; G Dennis beat R Foldvari 10-7; S Storey beat S Mifsud 10-6; M Dunn beat J Smith 10-5; R Chapman beat K Payne 10-9

6th qualifying round: S Gill beat S Judd 10-6; M Couch beat R Marshall 10-2; L Robinson beat J Higgins 10-9; J Burns beat J Walton 10-9; S Pettman beat E Henderson 10-3; J Michie beat S Meakin 10-6; M Davis beat D McLellan 10-4; M Judge beat S Lemmens 10-6; S Mazrocis beat C Small 10-5; P Cavney beat N Mosley 10-2; J Chambers beat W Rendle 10-8; J Weston beat S Duggan 10-5; B Jones beat N Walker 10-8; C Edwards beat David Taylor 10-6; J Grech beat P Gibson 10-9; Stephen Lee beat W King 10-3; S Payne beat T Rampello 10-8; MJ Williams (Wales) beat Y Merchant 10-4; A Davies beat P Gilchrist 10-2; N Noppachorn beat E Manning 10-8; A Cairns beat D Gilbert 10-4; C Kelly beat D Dale 10-5; Mark O’Sullivan beat O King 10-6; F O’Brien beat P Daubney 10-4; G Ponting beat B Pinches 10-5; A Rosa beat A Bishop 10-1; S Lanigan beat A Atkinson 10-2; M King beat B Rowswell 10-2; J Cundy beat M Rowing 10-6; B L’Orange beat G Peters 10-6; S Storey beat G Dennis 10-7; M Dunn beat R Chapman 10-6

7th qualifying round: S Gill beat J Birch 10-7; M Couch beat P Francisco 10-4; W Jones beat L Robinson 10-9; D Harold beat J Burns 10-0; C Thorburn beat S Pettman 10-7; R Lawler beat J Michie 10-3; M Davis beat Stephen Murphy 10-2; J Wych beat M Judge 10-5; S Mazrocis beat P Davies 10-5; N Terry beat P Cavney 10-8; B Morgan beat J Chambers 10-5; J Weston beat D Fowler 10-8; N Gilbert beat B Jones 10-4; L Dodd beat C Edwards 10-7; A Hamilton beat J Grech 10-8; Stephen Lee beat T Meo 10-3; S Newbury beat S Payne 10-9; B Snaddon beat Mark J Williams (Wales) 10-6; A Davies beat I Graham 10-4; N Noppachorn beat J McLaughlin 10-1; A Cairns beat E Charlton 10-3; A Higgins beat C Kelly 10-9; Mark O’Sullivan beat C Wilson 10-9; F O’Brien beat T Chappel 10-5; G Ponting beat R Chaperon 10-5; A Rosa beat E Hughes 10-4; S Lanigan beat J Prince 10-6; M King beat S Francisco 10-3; R O’Sullivan beat J Cundy 10-4; A Hicks beat B L’Orange 10-6; S Storey beat D Finbow 10-8; D Henry beat M Dunn 10-2

8th qualifying round: S Gill beat M Couch 10-8; D Harold beat W Jones 10-8; C Thorburn beat R Lawler 10-6; M Davis beat J Wych 10-4; S Mazrocis beat N Terry 10-8; L Dodd beat N Gilbert 10-3; Stephen Lee beat A S Hamilton 10-6; A Davies beat N Noppachorn 10-8; A Higgins beat A Cairns 10-5; G Ponting beat A Rosa 10-6; F O’Brien beat Mark O’Sullivan 10-9; B Morgan beat J Weston 10-3; B Snaddon beat S Newbury 10-4; M King beat S Lanigan 10-8; R O’Sullivan beat A Hicks 10-8; D Henry beat S Storey 10-5

Final qualifying round: S Gill beat M Bennett 10-7; D Harold beat A Robidoux 10-8; C Thorburn beat T Drago 10-5; M Davis beat J Ferguson 10-9; P Ebdon beat S Mazrocis 10-4; L Dodd beat D Mountjoy 10-9; D O’Kane beat Stephen Lee 10-6; A Davies beat J Johnson 10-9; A Higgins beat T Knowles 10-9; B Morgan beat D Reynolds 10-8; G Ponting beat M Johnston-Allen 10-9; F O’Brien beat M Price 10-4; B Snaddon beat J Swail 10-4; M King beat Gary Wilkinson 10-9; R O’Sullivan beat T Jones 10-8; D Henry beat M Hallett 10-5 (talk) 03:06, 2 May 2013 (UTC) Ralph

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