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whats a real good time for this drill???

good? between 4.3 to 4.0 even better is outstanding, and it's been done very many times. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 00:05, 22 February 2009 (UTC)


The explanation says:

"They start in the middle of a 10 yard distance with one hand touching the ground. The athlete then pushes off their dominant leg in the opposite direction for 5 yards"

Since there's no indication of which way the athlete is facing at the beginning, it's not clear what "the opposite direction" is. Assume there are cones on either end, is the athlete facing one cone, but then runs toward the other? This is what the explanation seems to suggest. Does the athlete turn around to run in that "opposite direction," or does the athlete run backwards? Alternatively, the athlete could be in the middle looking forward with the cones to his left and right. The athlete would then push off to the left or right depending on which leg is dominant and run facing forwards.

The explanation probably makes a great deal of sense to someone who has seen this done, but to someone who hasn't (me), it's not clear what exactly happens. Ileanadu (talk) 17:33, 15 April 2015 (UTC)

Jason Faulkner[edit]

The Jason Faulkner claim was just added. While there is a youtube clip, linked to Facebook and record, all of this seems obviously self sourced. The Facebook claims to link to CBS LA, which if they chose to cover this might be a reliable source, but there is no evidence they actually picked up the story, or what the validity to the claim of a record actually is. That said, seeing a big guy do this is impressive, which is probably why he is self promoting this. I haven't reverted yet, but this looks like advertising. Somebody please come up with a reliable source to verify if this is worthy of mention here. Trackinfo (talk) 06:17, 13 July 2015 (UTC)