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Yohann Diniz in 10th position or DQ'd as per the video?[edit]

The results for the 50k Walk in the 2013 Moscow World Championships appear to come from the IAAF website. The results table reproduced in the article lists Yohann Diniz as finishing in 10th position at 3:45:18

However, if you review the video of the event it appears that Yohann Diniz was disqualified at around 2 hours 30 mins into the race. If you study the video on YouTube at 14:50 you can see Diniz slows to a stop and the commentator says "Diniz is down and out after two warnings". However, there is no mention of the DQ in the article . This suggests that either the results list is inaccurate or that Diniz stopped temporarily, then re-entered the race and was not disqualified as it appeared. Can anyone confirm what happened? Maxkingesq (talk) 23:30, 28 January 2015 (UTC)