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Strange use of note[edit]

I was at the impression, that the notes in the table should tell something about the coordinates in the same line. But since my change to fix this for the coordinates 29°N, 80°52'W was undone, I must have misunderstood something. As User:Bazonka says in his/her edit summary, the coordinates are not of Palma - but at least the coordinates and the note matched after my change. Now they don't. So should I change the note instead? Or is there some strange reason why the note for coordinates on the American east coast informs about the Canary Islands? I don't see such mismatches on the other lines. --Amjaabc (talk) 23:11, 2 July 2011 (UTC)

The table shows all of the countries and waterbodies through which the parallel passes, heading east from the Prime Meridian. The co-ordinates indicate the point at which the parallel passes from one country/waterbody into another country/waterbody. The notes indicate notable things relating to that country/waterbody, e.g. provinces/cities/islands through which the parallel passes, or places which are close to the parallel, but not on it.
The 29th parallel north crosses the United States and enters the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida at 29°0′N 80°52′W / 29.000°N 80.867°W / 29.000; -80.867. These are therefore the co-ordinates given in the table. The notes pertain to the entire crossing of the ocean until landfall in Lanzarote at 29°0′N 13°49′W / 29.000°N 13.817°W / 29.000; -13.817. Because the parallel passes close to the the island of La Palma (but not through it), this is mentioned in the notes column. This is nowhere near the co-ordinates given, but that's not how it works.
Changing the co-ordinates to 29°0′N 17°52′W / 29.000°N 17.867°W / 29.000; -17.867, as User:Amjaabc did, indicates that this is where the USA ends and the Atlantic starts - much, much too far east.
I will add some additional co-ordinates in the notes column to avoid further confusion in the future. Bazonka (talk) 19:43, 3 July 2011 (UTC)