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Disambiguation vs. stub[edit]

The unusual character of the 3rd Indiana Cavalry, a single administrative unit as far as the Governor of Indiana was concerned, but divided into two operational halves that never served together and were not even in the same theater of war, seems to me to call for a disambiguation page to refer the reader to separate articles about the separate halves. Although the disambiguation article is short, it is complete in that it fully describes the administrative anomaly and correctly refers the reader to articles that will, I hope, be written about the separate operational halves. -- Cuppysfriend 18:45, 28 October 2006 (UTC)

  • To become an acceptable Dab page, the material would have needed to be divided into two articles and the Dab, with the Dab being 3 short lines long. I've disposed of the constraints someone seems to have imposed in order to deform it into their fantasy of what a Dab does.
    If you seriously think there is confusion due to use of the admin unit's name to refer to one or the other wing, discuss that in the article. You can think of that as disambiguating the terminology, but Dab pages are for navigation to the various actual articles "competing" for a title. Dab pgs Dab'ate among actual articles, not notional ones. 3.5 years have shown the notional articles are not needed, it would seem; in any case, no Dab page can exist until the articles that it would Dab'ate among do.
    --Jerzyt 08:54, 28 March 2010 (UTC)