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Odoaker - had invaded the country of the Rugians (an eastern germanic people) in the year 487, 488 the country no longer existed, the Roman settlers were forced to move to the northern Apeninian paeninsula, by their own governement, so they could safely practice their catholic religion. The queen of the Rugians (Gisona - from the Gothic royal family) had been hatefull towards the "Romans" by which she ment Romanic christians. She forced them to take the chrissening the second time (a mortal sin) and used them as slaves. Her opinion of the christians was not that of a majority, but had prevailed for a short period, after the death of st. Severinus, and before she was forced into oboedience by her husband king Feva, he himself being a follower of st. Severins teachings, and probably a christian.

487 is a PRIME NUMBER (93rd)[edit]

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