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No 4. Panzer Armee in France..[edit]

There were no "Panzer Armies" in France, I believe the original author may be confusing the 4. Panzer Armee with von Kluge's 4. Armee. The VIII. Corps was part of von Kluge's forces. The other 2 corps listed as being under control of the unit didn't even exist in 1940. The listed commander, Hoepner, commanded the XVI. Armeekorps in the Battle of France. The LVI. Corps wasn't activated until Feb. 1941 (which is around the time Panzergruppe 4 was activated.) If no one has anything to add to this, most importantly, a source for it, I'm going to totally remove that section. The comments even say that it was the primary armored thrust for the Battle of France. This isn't true in the least, as Panzergruppe Kleist "led the way", and it consisted of Guderian's XIX. Corps, Hoth's XV. Corps, and (IIRC) Reinhardt's XXXXI. Corps. Comments? —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 09:44, 24 July 2010 (UTC)