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64th Army was created on July, 10th, 1942 (as a result of renaming 1st reserve army). Originally 112-th entered into it(her) 18-th, 29-th, 131-st, 214-th and 229-th shooting divisions, 66-th and 154-th sea shooting brigades, 137-th and 40-th tank brigades, shelfs of cadets Zhitomir, Krasnodar, 1-st and 3-rd Орджоникидзевских military schools, a number(line) of artillery and other parts. In structure of armies Сталинградского, since August, 7th Southeast (since September, 28th Сталинградского) and since January, 1st, 1943 Don fronts stability(resistance) and high military skill participated in Сталинградской to fight during which soldiers of army have shown courage. Since March, 1943 in structure of the Voronezh front conducted defensive fights on the river Severski Donets in area of Belgorod. On April, 16th, 1943 it is transformed to 7-th Guards army. Commanders: Century I.Chujkov (July - August 1942), the general-lieutenant; M. S.Shumilov (August 1942 - April 1943), the general-major, from the end of December 1942 general-lieutenant.

Guards and Guards Armies of the Soviet Union[edit]

Guards was "honorific for a unit or formation which had performed well in combat and was honoured for doing so" - quote from Chris Ballamy, Absolute War, Macmillan 2007, ISBN 978-0-333-78022-0 (Copyright acknowledged). I am not sure whether this is the same Seventh Army that fought in Finnland in December 1940. The Sixty-Fourth Army was one of the three reserve armies , with Sixty-Second and Sixty-Third, that made up the new Stalingrad front in July 1942 (Ballamy, op. cit. p 501). Ballamy writes that on 30 December 1942 "the three Stalingrad front armies - Sixty-Second,..., Sixty -Fourth and Fifty-Seventh, were transferred to Rokossovskiy's Don Front". --Henri 16:05, 21 October 2007 (UTC) --Henri 15:35, 22 October 2007 (UTC)