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Full of Errors[edit]

This article is full of errors. For one thing Live Well Network didn't replace ABC News Now. The digital subchannel distribution was discontinued in favor of a cable and broadband service in January 2005. Most of the ABC O&O's replaced it with a local "Plus" channel that had reruns of local newscasts and other syndicated shows. ABC News Now didn't get replaced on cable until 2013 when Fusion launched. However the ABC News Now broadband feed still lives on via a webstream that shows extended ABC News clips and is also carried on MobiTV's services like Sprint TV.

If I had the time, I would rewrite the article myself, but if anyone is up for it, you can start with these sources: <-- Article covering the shutdown of the subchannel service in January 2005 <-- The article covering the relaunch as a cable channel and broadband service in April 2005

Google "WABC Plus", "WPVI Plus" or "KABC Plus" and you'll find countless mentions of the local Plus service that the ABC O&O's carried between 2005-2007 prior to the launch of the Live Well Network

Google "ABC News Now"+"Fusion"+2013 and you'll find a bunch of old public notices about Fusion replacing ABC News Now on cable