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Which network?[edit]

For which television network was this film made? User:Ceyockey 00:04, 29 December 2005 (UTC)

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turkey, not goose[edit]

I have just seen this film; the film and the story by Dickens both have Scrooge buy a turkey, not a goose, for the Cratchits. I have therefore deleted the bullet in the Trivia section claiming otherwise.Fou3678 (talk) 03:29, 24 December 2008 (UTC)

Does anyone know how to get the full version?[edit]

Very few people remember that this adaptation originally aired in two parts over two nights. That would make the full version about three hours. I have been searching for years to find it on DVD (or even tape) because some good bits were trimmed. It does not seem to be available. Lmonteros (talk) 04:17, 23 July 2009 (UTC)

Adaptive elements[edit]

Considering this is probably the best film adaptation of the story to date, and as it's often praised for its fidelity to the text, I wonder if a bit more should be said about the tweaks made to the story.

  • Like most filmed versions, it compresses the arrival of the ghosts into one night, at 1-hour intervals, rather than the paradoxical 3 nights of the original story. This is probably done to make it less confusing to the audience, as only one night actually passes, and it's difficult to show the passage of time we infer from the book where each ghost but the last does indeed appear to have a full day.
  • In the book, Scrooge's profession is left nebulous. Only one scene tells us that at least part of his business involves moneylending, probably at very high rates. Following suit, film versions often make him out to be almost exclusively a moneylender despite evidence he's familiar with both the 'Change and the men who frequent it. This film, however, takes that latter element and runs with it, making him into a commodities trader who has managed to corner the market on wheat and is so eager to turn a large profit that he doesn't care about driving up bread prices nationwide. This makes it very much a product of its era, just a few years before Gordon Gekko proclaimed "Greed is good."
  • Addition of the ghostly white hearse encountered by Scrooge on his way home.
  • In the vision of "Christmas Yet to Come" Tiny Tim already in his grave, whereas in the book he has only died very recently and his body is prepared for burial but still in the house.

There may be a few others. (talk) 01:53, 18 October 2011 (UTC)