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I deleted a portion of this page because it contained factually disputed information published. This is an encyclopedia, not a forum for publishing internal religious sectarian issues.

Then edit it to become neurtral, dont delete, read WP:POV and WP:NPOV. --Striver 11:43, 26 February 2006 (UTC)

Abdul-Rahman's Siblings[edit]

The article currently states that Abdul-Rahman and three of his siblings (Asma, Abdullah and Aisha) were all born by 609. Although a source is provided, I find this statement very doubtful. It has been discussed ad nauseum on the talk pages about Aisha that her accepted date of birth was 613-614, and all suggestions that she was born earlier derive from unscholarly sources, O.R. or wishful thinking. This page is about Abdul-Rahman, so his sister's date of birth is of minimal relevance here. I suspect it was inserted by someone who had an axe to grind about Aisha and hoped the misinformation would pass unnoticed if it was slipped into her brother's page. There is a similar problem with the article about Asma, where it is mentioned that she was "ten years older than Aisha". This is of minimal relevance to Asma's life-story: the only purpose seems to be to hint that Aisha was born much earlier than 614. If Aisha was indeed born in 609 or earlier, we need a much stronger source than Masud-ul-Hasan!Petra MacDonald 10:45, 4 March 2014 (UTC)

Conflicting statements[edit]

Abdul-Rahman ibn Abi Bakr died in 666 as mentioned here so how could he be alive when Muawiya I appointed his son Yazid as successor to the caliphate. Because Muawiyah died either on April 29 or May 1, 680 which is way later than Abdul-Rahman ibn Abi Bakr's death. So actually, nothing did occur between them.