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Acquisition by AOL[edit]

The article mentions that AOL bought for only 1.3 million US Dollars. This is far from correct. Please read the annual report of 2010. It states:

"In December 2010, we completed the acquisitions of Pictela and for $31.4 million in the aggregate, net of cash acquired. In addition, we have agreed to pay an aggregate of $11.5 million to certain employees of the acquired companies over the next three years contingent on their future service to AOL. This $11.5 million of contingent consideration will be treated as compensation expense for accounting purposes."

Tom Conrad[edit]

One of the advisors is a ~100-year-old football coach (indicated by following the wiki-link to Tom Conrad)? Certainly possible, but it seems more likely that this is a name collision. --X883 (talk) 23:33, 21 August 2011 (UTC)