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The classification of this group is difficult but the listing here seems likely to be complete.

The Family Babesiidae and Suborder Theileriina make taxonomic sense.

The family Haemohormidiidae seems unlikely to form a proper taxon as the species within this grouping have a considerable variety of hosts. Clarification of this area will require DNA sequencing and molecular taxonomy.

The family Dactylosomatidae may be elevated to order or sub order status if its relation with the other two families can be confirmed with molecular methods. This family has been moved to the prioplasms.

While references to the Nicollidae, Echinococcidium and Spermatobium exist in the literature to date I have been unable to locate a usable description of these organisms.

The genus Nicollia was transferred to the piroplasms in 1984 so the need for this family no longer exists.

Locating references to the Family Habesiidae has been very difficult. This may not be a valid taxon. Given that the spelling Habesiidae differs from Babesiidae by a single letter this is almost certainly a typo and the family is not valid.

The genus Elleipsisoma is transmitted by mites and possesses a conoid in stages other than the ookiniete making it highly unlikely that it belongs in this order. DrMicro (talk) 12:47, 16 August 2011 (UTC)