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Adaptive Value[edit]

The adaptive value represents the combined influence of all characters which affect the fitness of an individual or population"[edit]

This paragraph could be explained in a lot more detail. there is no detailed explanation as to what adaptive value means making it difficult to understand what it is from simply reading this sentence. Also certain terms, such as "fitness" should further be explained as it is important to understand that "fitness" in this context may be different to what "fitness" is typically defined as. maybe a hyperlink, linking it to another wikiarticle would allow viewers to navigate to a page that defines what fitness is in this context gain a deeper understanding as to what is meant by "fitness" of individual [1] Also, the definition of of "adaptive value" is not sourced which question the credibility of the definition. various other important topics associated with adaptive value, could be considered.



The graph can also be explained in more detail to give a better understanding of how adaptive value is measured. There is no indication as to what the different color lines of the graph represent.

Examples section[edit]

the reference to "some" is too general and should be replaced by facts. instead of saying "some plants use indirect...", giving some examples would be more useful or give a wikilink to the plant category that is being referred to.


There are two few references and a lot of the text has not be referenced. Also, in general more information would be needed for viewers to find this a useful article to read.

Aditi bhansali (talk) 17:00, 2 February 2016 (UTC)