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When was tape invented? — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 20:02, 2 May 2012 (UTC) adhesive tape in spanish — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk)

In 1901, the first adhesive tape was invented in Germany. Inventer was German Oscar Troplowitz for German company Beiersdorf AG Moenkonto (talk) 23:28, 6 January 2013 (UTC)

No! -Drew invented the first masking tape (1926), a two-inch-wide tan paper strip backed with a light, pressure sensitive adhesive. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 00:14, 31 January 2013 (UTC)
Please stop these nonsense additions, claiming all manner of topics as "American inventions". A patent or similar for one form of a broad subject does not mean that this whole subject was invented by that same, narrow patent. Andy Dingley (talk) 00:16, 31 January 2013 (UTC)

false claim[edit]

An editor added: "Many adhesive tapes exhibit triboluminescence". There are two problems. 1) There is no citation to back up this claim. 2) This may be true for several pressure sensitive tapes but certainly not water activated nor heat activated adhesive tapes. If there is a good citation, the statement might be added to the article on pressure sensitive tapes. I have deleted this statement. Pkgx (talk) 23:20, 7 April 2013 (UTC)

I've added sources. If you want to make the claim that it applies to pressure sensitive tape only, you'll have to add sources that specifically back up your claim -- that the phenomenon is not observed in other forms of adhesive tape. It will not be enough to cite sources that specify pressure-senstive adhesives (as some sources do), as this does not constitute an exclusion of other forms of adhesive.--Father Goose (talk) 18:07, 10 April 2013 (UTC)
Thank you for the sources. These support that PSA tapes can have this characteristic. I have clarified the statement to relate to the citations. Pkgx (talk) 18:30, 10 April 2013 (UTC)
Fair enough.--Father Goose (talk) 20:20, 10 April 2013 (UTC)

Drywall tape is not typically adhesive[edit]

It's been a number of years since I've put up any drywall, but my recollection is that joint tape (aka drywall tape) is not self-adhesive; it adheres to wet joint compound. (See Drywall#Construction techniques.) Even if some drywall tape does have gum or pressure-sensitive adhesive on it, it doesn't strike me as type of adhesive tape. Cnilep (talk) 08:55, 21 June 2013 (UTC)

First of all, pressure-sensitive tape (including Sellotape, masking tape, insulation tape and gaffer tape) is a subset of "adhesive tape" in general, which also includes the older wetted gummed tapes. We may need to adjust article titles or scopes for accuracy here.
Drywall tape is available on several forms, some self-adhesive (i.e. pressure sensitive), some needing to be wetted first, and some non-adhesive that are adhered by the spackle or filler compound. Andy Dingley (talk) 10:06, 21 June 2013 (UTC)
Quite so. My point is that while "pressure sensitive", "water activated", and "heat sensitive" can be seen as "types" of adhesive tape, "drywall tape" is not a type. It is a specific application, one among many. Cnilep (talk) 22:40, 22 June 2013 (UTC)
No, it's as much a type (implying "application", but one does not preclude the other) as "gaffer tape", "parcel tape", "duct tape" or "gift tape". Andy Dingley (talk) 23:00, 22 June 2013 (UTC)
Oh, I guess we disagree. Are you suggesting that each of those (gaffer tape, parcel tape, duct tape, gift tape, sellotape, masking tape, insulation tape) should be added to the section "Types"? What, then would you say of box-sealing tape, double-sided tape, electrical tape, filament tape, Scotch Tape, and surgical tape? Cnilep (talk) 23:36, 22 June 2013 (UTC)
I'd think each of those deserves mention. Tape's a big subject, these are just scratching the surface. I've got a bunch more in the workshop, at least this many, and I could make a good notability case for each of them. Andy Dingley (talk) 23:44, 22 June 2013 (UTC)