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Old talk[edit]

There seems to be some contention over exactly what is a "Great Lake"

I have found a few other sources, mostly related to the aquarium hobby, that say only Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria, and Lake Malawi are "African Great Lakes" however the Great Lakes region of east africa is dotted with smaller rift lakes.

Is there any consensus here?

Not really. I thought they were just called the "great lakes," not the "Great Lakes." I don't think it's a proper noun for the name of the East African Rift Lakes. I could be wrong.
Anyway, I removed this section:
"The term Great Lakes is in the African context a rather loose one. Unlike their North American counterparts, the three largest lakes have a host of nearby middle-sized and small lakes, though the small ones would be considered very substantial in many countries of the world. There is no accepted size criterion for Great Lake."
It's just strange. What does it mean that there are nearby middle-sized and small lakes? In the United States and Canada there are many small lakes all around the Great Lakes. What does it mean "in the African context a rather loose one?" What is tight in the African context? I think this paragraph should stay out of the article until it is referenced and cleared up. --Blechnic (talk) 08:16, 31 March 2008 (UTC)

Lakes in local names[edit]

For example, showing where is "Muta Nzige", next to it "Mkiyo".Connection (talk) 21:46, 2 February 2012 (UTC)

Articles need expansion[edit]

Here's a source. Albert, Edward-George and Kivu also have endemic fish species, inc. cichlids, and it seems Albert has a fish depletion problem due to oil. Tanganyika also has an important population of invertebrates, which is being overlooked in wikipedia. --User:PedroPVZ — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 14:27, 23 May 2013 (UTC)

Economic significance[edit]

This article needs some content about the fishing and transport industries based on these lakes. Fish is a significant part of the diet of much of the population of the region. Oil and gas is also emerging as a significant development in and around the lakes. Roger (Dodger67) (talk) 15:36, 27 December 2013 (UTC)

Lake Kariba[edit]

An IP editor has added that Lake Kariba was in the African Great Lakes system. I was inclined to edit this article but I am going to take this to the talk page because I don't want to risk ending up in an edit war with the IP if I change or undo his edit. Hx7 16:55, 2 July 2016 (UTC)