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The two pages appear to me to be about the very same organization. I think they should be merged

ACTED Water Supply Team.[edit]

Mr. Ramiz Morqos- Water Supply Manager Mr. Nassar Alnasasrah- Water Supply Deputy Manager. Mr. Mohammad Munaizil- Water Supply coordinator. Two Supervisors 20 Account/Site monitors Water comes from 8 boreholes. Two boreholes inside the camp ( Mercy Corp Borehole and Al-Qadi bore hole ). There are six boreholes outside the camp_ Alhawyyan borehole, Alkhrisha, Orabi, Ammra, Alsrahan, and Alnaimah borehole. More than 80 water truck are used to deliver 4200 cubic meters of water to consumers inside the camp.water is used to fill public drinking points and wash centers. Our team (Water Supply Team) is responsible for the following tasks: 1- Registering information about the driver and the water truck and his arriving time. 2- Quality Test. In this test we focus on the color, smell and taste of water. 3- Chlorine Test. We test the level of chlorine in water in these tanks. The level of chlorine should be between 1.0_1.8 mlg for each liter, no more no less. 4- We write down the chlorine reading and the quality test result on the back of the borehole bill, which came with the driver. 5- Site Monitors use the information on the bill to fill a special log back and to issue a voucher. 6- Account monitors take the voucher and the bill. They see the amount of water in this truck and choose a water filler to lead the driver in his journey inside the camp. 7- There are about 88 water filler, each one of them has two or three street in one of the twelve Districts.He has to use the water to fill public drinking points and wash centers. 8- When the water truck finishes his Journey, which sometimes takes an hour and half, we check the tank to make sure that empety the whole amount of water inside the camp. This Job is not easy. We have to deal with drivers, water fillers, and people inside the camp. We work seven days a week between six in the morning and six in the evening. Nassar Alnasasrah — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 19:27, 24 November 2013 (UTC)