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" Ahe Lau Makani " ( There is a Breath )

                   ( 1868 )

1- " There is a breath so gently breathing,. So soft, so sweet by sighing breezes, That as it touches my whole being, It brings a warmth unto my soul.


We, fair one, together, shall enjoy such moments, While murmuring wind sweeps o'er my fatherland.

2- There is a breath so soft and balmy, Brought by sweet zyheyre. Lililehua, And while wafted to my bosom, It brings a yearning for one I love."

      He 'Ala Nei E Mapu Mai Nei
         ( Soft, Constant Breeze )

1- " There is a fragrance perfuming the air. A steady, gentle wind Brought it here to me, It warms me with your love


O companion of the soft, constant breeze, Bearing fragrances of my land.

2- There is a secret perfuming the air, The misty Lililehua rain. Brought it unto my bosem. It warms me in my heart.

3- There is a fragrance that saturates, A cool, soft breeze Brought it to cling to me, Warming me with feelings.

4- There is a fragrance wafted here, The sweet calls of birds Brought it to find me Being warmed by your voice.