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It is not correct to say that the Mosque is in a "red-light district" as the article says.

The quarter this Mosque is situated in is known for a red-light district amongst other things, but this part of the quarter is far away from the location of the Mosque.

Next to the Mosque are one or two restaurants, grocery stores, some business buildings and not far away is a "university of applied sciences" (see:

So the "red-light district" that is mentioned in the article is somewhere else and not in the closer sorroundings of the Mosque.

I would ask for a correction therefore.

you are right, but the red light district is sourced, your and my opinion and knowledge are original reseach (after visiting this mosque or eating in the restaurant nearby) and for wikipedia not allowed. If you can source it, change it, if not let it be. Sebastian scha. (talk) 16:58, 13 August 2008 (UTC)