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Leibstandarte at Grebbe line in the Netherlands[edit]

The following was stated up to today: The Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, an SS regiment under Kurt Meyer attached to the 227th for the campaign, created the breakthrough at the Grebbe line.

This is factual untrue. In fact SS Leibstandarte had been withdrawn on the 12th of May 1940 and moved to the south of the Netherlands, where it was employed to assault Rotterdam. The 227th ID was repelled by Dutch forces and lost a significant battle on the 13th of May when it unleashed all three of its infantry regiments into battle around the Dutch city Scherpenzeel, but saw all three rebuffed by Dutch infantry and artillery efforts. The division had to withdraw and regroup. It would find the opposing trenches empty when it moved in for another attack on the 14th of May. The reasom was that the Dutch had taken the entire defence back to the adjecent defences since to the south of the Scherpenzeel events a German break-through of the Grebbeline had occurred, lead by the SS Regiment 'Der Führer' that formed the point formation of the German 207th Infantry Division. The content has been improved along this line. Grebbegoos (talk) 14:16, 26 December 2015 (UTC)