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The name Alliance Party in misleading. In Fiji, adding 'Fijian' in front of the name of an organisation, suggests that it is for the ethnic Fijians only. The Alliance Party was formed with the uniting of various political groups representing all races in Fiji. One of these groups was the Fijian Association, which was the most powerful group in the Party. I suggest using Alliance Party (Fiji) to distinguish it from other Alliance Parties in other countries. The idea of the Alliance Party came from the Alliance Party in Malaysia. Girmitya

User:Xorkl000 told me the same thing. The problem is, I seem to remember reading the name in Ratu Mara's autobiography (The Pacific Way). I could be mistaken. The library seems to have lost its copy of the book, so I can't check. Anyway, now that two of you have said that the name is wrong, I will change it. If it later turns out that I was right, I'll change it back. David Cannon 10:40, 30 September 2006 (UTC)