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  • Ambalapuzha seems to be the more popular choice of spelling for this town. Ambalappuzha returns only 933 results against 19,500 for Ambalapuzha. This is also the way the official website for Alappuzha district spells it and both spellings are used throughout the article. Mkeranat 12:33, 31 May 2007 (UTC)

The Ezhava land owner orininally was Ambanattu "Panikkan",who was later on given the title "Panikkar" by the Devanarayana(Ruler of Chempakassery) The Present Idol of Krishna is from Kurichi (then Kottayam Province) from the family temple of the Nair family "Valiaveettil Panicker".The whole family of Panicker also was brought to Ambalapuzha by the Chempakassery Devanarayana & given shelter in his Kingdom.They are now known as "Valiamadathil Panicker" who were given the title "Koyma"(supreme authority)of the Srikrishna temple.Seven other deities were also brought alongwith Lord Krishna and were placed & still worshipped in the Valiamadom family,which is located about 300 metres NW of Srikrishna temple. "Champakkulam Vallamkaly"(boat race)is conducted on "Moolam" day in memmory of the day when the present Krishna idol & other dieties alongwith Valiamadathil Panicker family were brought to Ambalapuzha from Champakulam,after they crossed the border between Kottayam & Chempakassery Province.


The article contain more of the Temple related facts and less of Ambalappuzha.. Why not we change the Title to Ambalappuzha Srikrishna Temple? --Challiyan (talk) 07:23, 12 November 2008 (UTC)

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Calculation problem?[edit]

Can somebody check this calculation:

"rice required to fill a 64-squared chess board is (2^64 - 1) which is equal to 18446744073709551615 grains"

I'm not sure that it should be 2^64 because there is only one grain of rice on the first square, not 2. Perhaps it should be 1 + 2^63? There is a huge difference in answers. --Benjamint 01:10, 4 April 2009 (UTC)

It is entirely wrong anyway. The sage won \sum_{n=1}^{64} 2^n grains of rice, not merely those to be placed on the 64th square of the board! The sage won, approximately, 3.7\times10^{19} grains altogether, or approximately 37 billion billion. Lucky sage.