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e·h·w·Stock post message.svg To-do:

  • the people and villages near the andes
  • agriculture, economy
  • more about geology (it's formation)
  • maybe make a section on geography? also, a map of the andes with countries listed would be better than the current map image (i think)
  • hard factual data of climate (annual rainfall, its effect on neighboring countries' climate)
  • links to the relevant Neotropic Ecoregions, (e.g. the Valdivian temperate rain forests)
Priority 1 (top)

Very bad article[edit]

I deleted the thing about barley, barley did not exist in pre-Columbian Andean culture. I also deleted the thing about coca. Who says coca is the "most important" crop there? And it certainly wasn't/isn't a "dietary supplement" - it provides no calories, it's used as a stimulant, much like coffee or tea, except coffee/tea is more what we would call food since it is a beverage and may provide calories if milk/cream is used; coca is simply chewed.

In general this article is strongly lacking. It's just small bursts of sentences on subjects that may not even fit in the category of this article.This is Truley a BAD Article


Since this article is a redirect from Andean it ought to mentions the political implications of being Andean. i.e.- the states that are inclusive of being referred to as Andean. Granted it mentions such states, but with the peaks and mountaineering, not politically. it is clearly politically motivated as a term as Wikipedia 2008 Andean diplomatic crisis shows. Lihaas (talk) 01:58, 12 October 2008 (UTC)

Number one, you need to learn how to spell in English. Among other things, you left out the "A" in Andean right in the subject line.
Lots of things are "Andean" in English: Andean countries, Andean people, Andean geology, the Andean condor, the Andean region, and Andean animals, birds, cocaine, diplomacy, geography, glaciers, independence, life, natural resources, plants, settlement, snowstorms, transportation problems, Andean volcanoes, Andean weather, Andean wildlife, and so forth.
Please do not pick out one adjective in English and complain about it when you do not understand how it is used in general. Andean is a word that we use just like Alpine, Atlantic, Appalachian, European, Himalayan, Oriental, Pacific, Russian, Sierran, etc. (talk) 00:31, 2 September 2012 (UTC)


Someone need to find out and explain many of the following things about Andean transportation and fill them in. You can find out the basics just by looking at railroad maps and highway maps of the Andean region. In particular, there was nothing about railroad transportation in Andes before I put in a little bit. (My main interest at the time was in the southern Andes. You can look up more about the north.)
1. There is doubtless highway and railroad transportation between Colombia and Venezuela in the northern Andes.
2. You need to find out how far the railroads and highways from the west go from Ecuador and Peru into Brazil via the Andes.
3. I know that there are railroads that go from the lowlands of Peru into the mountains of Bolivia. It is public information - on the TV, newspapers, etc. - that those railroads go all the way above 14,000 feet above sea level to serve mines and the associated towns in Bolivia. There have also been reports which we have seen with our own eyes about highways that cross Bolivia from west to east, crossing treacherous mountain "trails" to the lowlands of southeastern Bolivia. At one time in the 1930s, or so, Bolivia and Paraguay were at war over those lowlands. Paraguayan and other POWs were forced into labor on the first highway across.
4. On the railroad maps, we can see railroads that run from northern Chile and southern Peru, across the Andes in southern Bolivia, and thence into Argentina to connect with its railroad network. There are probably highways there, too.
5. On the railroad maps, we can see the railroad that runs from the area of Santiago, then eastward high into the Andes, thence through a tunnel or a narrow pass into Argentina, then winding its way through the Andes in western Argentina, and thence to connect with the railroad network of Argentina.
5. There doesn't seem to be a railroad connection around the southern end of the Andes between Argentina and Chile, but the land is not so extreme, and there are doubtless highways between the two countries. Even if not there, the island of Tierra del Fuego is divided between the two, and it has highways across it from east to west. (talk) 00:56, 2 September 2012 (UTC)

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