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The article says some of the AYM were left wing and some were right wing. Which were right wing?

Amis, Larkin, Osborne all ended up as conservatives, wherever they started. Charles Matthews 15:05, 14 October 2005 (UTC)
Specifically, it says some of the University Wits were right and some left. It's true of each of the three groups, but since the views of many of these guys changed over time, it's difficult to clarify.

Urgent question[edit]

Regarding this section,

"Some commentators, following publisher Tom Maschler, who edited a collection of political-literary essays by the "Angries" (Declaration, 1957), divided them into three groups:

1.The New University Wits (a term applied by William Van O'Connor in his 1963 study The New University Wits and the End of Modernism), Oxbridge malcontents who explored the contrast between their upper-class university privilege and their middle-class upbringings. They included Kingsley Amis, Philip Larkin, and John Wain, all of whom were also part of the poetic circle known as The Movement.

2.Writers mostly of lower-class origin concerned with their political and economic aspirations. Some of these were left-wing and some were right-wing. They included John Osborne (whose play Look Back in Anger is a basic "Angries" text), Harold Pinter, John Braine, and Alan Sillitoe. William Cooper, the early model AYM, though Cambridge-educated was a "provincial" writer in his frankness and material and is included in this group.

3.A small group of young existentialist philosophers led by Colin Wilson and also including Stuart Holroyd and Bill Hopkins."

Which commentators and where was this idea of 3 groups found? I haven't seen another place to find this that doesn't quote wikipedia.rtaycher1987 23:33, 3 June 2006 (UTC)


Should include Declaration, ed Tom Maschler (1957), mentioned above; and The Angry Decade by Kenneth Allsop (1958).

Should be capitalized[edit]

Since the label is capitalized, the title to the article should be capitalized as well. ImpIn | (t - c) 03:04, 1 June 2008 (UTC)

See Also[edit]

I extended the list of individuals associated with the AYM scene, and deleted the reference to the Hungry Generation, a 1960s Bengali literary movement which doesn't seem to have any connection with AYM.KD Tries Again (talk) 17:08, 3 June 2009 (UTC)KD Tries Again