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The place is Anjou. duc d'Anjou = duke of Anjou. Angevin(s) is the corresponding adjective.

That's what I say. Removed all of the following because it is neither complete nor completely accurate. Moreover, it doesn't follow any of the naming conventions we've discussed. Finally, Anjou is the place, the entry on the rulers should be Angevin -- or subsumed into Plantagenet and Capetian.User:JHK
Begin removed part
Anjou - A french noble family, also called Angevins, divided into two main dynasties of Counts.
One of the two dynasties ruled over parts of France and over Jerusalem and England, the other one ruled over parts of France and over Naples (Two Sicilies), Hungary and Poland.
Older family originates from Fulk.
The second dynasty begins with Charles, a Capetian.
Most important Anjou in history:
Older dinasty:
  • Fulk
  • Fulk V
  • Baldwin III
Second dynasty:
  • Charles I d'Anjou
  • Charles II d'Anjou
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I agree it needs thorough rewriting, but I think the possible confusion of the two groups of Angevins is itself a good reason for having an outline under Anjou (the one thing that really links them). User:David Parker
I agree. I just didn't have time to go into it. I think there's a very good place for all of this, and it's within a general article (history section) on Anjou. What you've added fits in perfectly :-) User:JHK

French demand Crown Jewels from the Queen to compensate for 1499 murder of Edward Plantagenet[edit]

Does anybody think this news story 15 July 2012 should be mentioned? Iph (talk) 15:31, 15 July 2012 (UTC)

Don't think so. The original is here. And associated Facebook fluff. Not much coverage in reliable French secondary sources. Bit of a gift to the Daily Mail (& Telegraph now) though - an appreciation of Gallic humour not being a strong point of theirs. Mcewan (talk) 17:00, 15 July 2012 (UTC)


Earliest edit was Mr Parker's, establishing British English. Kindly maintain it pending a new consensus to the contrary. — LlywelynII 15:10, 15 June 2015 (UTC)