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I became interested in this subject during a visit to the Papal Palace at Avignon in France during the summer of 2004. It is somewhat ironic that I have taken an interest in this papal contender because I am an English Catholic, and at the time the Catholic Church in England did not recognise Benedict's claim to the papacy, instead preferring to acknowledge his Roman rivals like Gregory XII and Martin V.

Best wishes, Andrew.

It is an interesting fact that (antipope) Benedict XIII also presided over the well-known Disputation of Tortosa in 1413-1414, in which Geronimo (Hieronymus) de Santa Fe (also known as Joshua Halorki), a converted Jew, argued against several Jewish delegates contesting the point of the Messiah's arrival, as pertaining to quotes for the Talmud. For more information on this dispute as well as others that happened previously (The Paris Disputation of 1240 and the Barcelona Disputation in 1263), I recommend Hyam Maccoby's Judaism on Trial. -Steve Prouty

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