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It is erroneous to suggest that the any system will outright reject the disc. Recent testing shows that PlayStation 2 Black Slimline SCPH-75001 will load Arcade Party Pak to the title screen without errors. Only 720 degrees (constant flicker in title, attract mode, and game mode screens regardless of whether TV or Arcade Brightness Mode is selected) and Super Sprint (locks up on a flickering black screen and never recovers) are considered as Unplayable, and this includes if no game is selected in the main menu screen for a while and the game chooses one of those two games to load in demo mode. The other remaining four games are playable either with no discernable issues or minor low severity issues (such as Toobin' displaying flicker in the load transition screens) that do not affect overall gameplay. See for additional details about any minor issues for playable games. All games load their history videos (Triangle button after highlighting the game in the main menu). (talk) 09:47, 8 January 2019 (UTC)