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I'm confident that I can do a decent job here in terms of the contents of the Act and the parliamentary process. But input on the policy side (such as why HMG wanted the Act, what the media and experts thought of the Bill as introduced, etc) would be welcome.

Clauses v sections[edit]

At the moment, I'm using a HoC note on the BILL to provide evidence for the intention and effect of sections of the ACT. This is because the note is the best guide I've found so far on what the Act does (notwithstanding the 'explanatory' notes, which aren't very explanatory at all(. I realise that the problem with this is that it assumes the Bill was passed unamended. I think this is a reasonably safe assumption, but as I do more work on following the passage of the Bill, I will obviously go back and remove/update any HoC comments on the Bill that, following amendments to the Bill, no longer apply to the Act as passed.