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Like many people, I don't have an Armenian character set on my computer... perhaps someone could make pictures of these numerals and upload them in place of the text? -- Goatasaur 23:09 Feb 17, 2003 (UTC)

If anyone does this, it should be in addition to the text rather than in place of it. Some of us do have armenian character sets, and the number will doubtless grow in the future. Bryan
Why in addition to? I'm not sure of the benefits of having a character set that many people won't be able to see, next to pictures that nearly everyone can. For those of us who don't have Armenian character sets it would make the page look cluttered and ugly. -- Goatasaur
A native text character can be cut and paste, can be resized to match the font the rest of the page is displayed in, and can be searched for. Those are just off the top of my head. Bryan
If it's possible to download the character set, I for one would like to. Is it possible? (note: I have a Mac). Tuf-Kat
eg. Windows' font 'Arial Unicode MS' supports Armenian. It's may be installed with Windows (when selected to install all strange charsets or with Office when selected so)
The character set is supplied in Win2K/XP as "Sylfaen." However, it is difficult to find Unicode-compliant Armenian fonts as most conform to an older standard, mapping Armenian characters to extended ASCII. I think even the Armenian Parliament site uses this old standard, which is a shame. Ttoom
I was looking around and found this: Wikipedia:Special characters. Part of Wikipedia's purpose is (or should be) to work on almost any computer... having the user need a special character set to view a page kind of contradicts that premise. I happen to have an Armenian character set on my home computer, but when I use another computer (eg, at the library or at work) I can't view the numerals. My point was that this could conceivably be a problem for many people, and could easily be solved. -- Goatasaur

Under some conditions you may download this font for free, it contains not only Armenian but also many other scripts

Numbers over 9999[edit]

Please, can somebody tell me how to write numbers over 9999? thx.

"O" is 10000, and "$" is 20000. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 13:55, 9 November 2010 (UTC)
That's inconsistent with the current article, which says that a line over a character multiplies it by 10000. Can someone confirm that I understood, and correctly extrapolated, the minimal examples given (i.e. that ՌՃԽԳՌՄԾԵ = 11431255)? What do you do for numbers > 99999999 (ՔՋՂԹՔՋՂԹ)? —[AlanM1(talk)]— 11:30, 22 November 2012 (UTC)
Perhaps Mashtots never thought there could be more than 99 999 999 of anything? Pokajanje|Talk 03:33, 23 November 2012 (UTC)