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Armorica in Asia?[edit]

The Dictionary of National Biography article on Sir John Lintorn Arabin Simmons (and the updated Oxford DNB as well) contains the following passage:

When after the fall of Sevastopol Omar Pasha took his army to Armorica to operate against the Russians south of the Caucasus, and thus relieve the pressure on the fortress of Kars invested by the Russians, Simmons continued with him as the British commissioner. Omar, advancing into Mingrelia with 10,000 men, encountered 12,000 Russians on the river Ingur on 6 Nov. 1855. Simmons commanded a division which, crossing the river by the ford of Ruki and turning the Russian position, captured his works and guns and compelled the enemy to retreat.

Where was "Armorica"? It's not on this contemporary map of the area. Could it be an old name of Armenia? Opera hat (talk) 10:17, 13 November 2015 (UTC)