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This article needs development.[edit]

The original state park was developed in the 1960's and featured a very large 3 story lodge designed by Bailey. Bozalis, Dickinson and Roloff Architects, which I believe practiced out of Oklahoma City. There is little on the internet on this firm, but Roloff appears to have been the lead architect on the project, and his name and seal appears on the construction documents.

The design of the lodge is nearly pure Frank Lloyd Wright in style. The interior planning feels very much like a Wright designed building. The park improvements included numerous cabins, including two that are elevated above ground. There are multiple parks buildings. The original designs called for multiple buildings (such as a chapel) that were never realized.

Sometime in the 1990's (?) the state shut down the lodge as it was loosing money. The property was transferred (sale vs. transfer needs to be investigated) to the Choctaw Lodge and Casino. The Choctaws made some improvements to the property, and added a small addition to the property for a sports betting facility.

Several years later (date unknown) the Choctaw decided to shut down the facility and sell it to the Narc-anon facility that currently operates a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility there. They use the cabins as staff quarters and the lodge as the rehab facility.

History of lodge[edit]

I have added a brief history of the lodge per the previous comments here, although references to the architect are scanty. I'll leave others to flesh that out. GeoGreg (talk) 02:27, 15 February 2015 (UTC)

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